Beyond Repair

Beyond Repair

My sadness consuming
We are so completely broken
The pieces of us now
in a thousand shards
scattered, carried by the wind

Crawling and crying
Scratched and bloodied 
I recover what I can
and reassemble the fragments
Knowing the damage is irreparable

Still I have to do something
Isn’t that what I am supposed to do?
Take the blame
and repair the wreckage
Isn’t that what I always do?

Impossible to find all the pieces
of a dysfunctional union
I am left holding
a misshapen, toxic mess that
will never function properly again

The realization is overwhelming
and I know I am obligated to
accept the inevitable 
My heart breaks even more
but now I accept it is done

Copyright © 2022 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Ingrid is hosting Open Link Night at D'Verse.  
D'Verse Poets will be taking a Midsummer break until July 11th.

Summer Solstice 2022 – A Haibun

Summer Solstice 2022

Tomorrow, June 21st, is the summer solstice here in the USA and the longest day.  As summer is my favorite time of year I am always thrilled to have extra daylight time.

I will not be taking part in any group celebrations but I will be thankful and appreciating nature.  Being outside is calming for me.  I feel kissed by the sun, refreshed by the rain and nourished by the earth’s gifts.

I respect both its might and its anger

Majestic sunrise
Shining your light on the world
Warming our spirits

Copyright © 2022 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Frank Tassone is hosting Haibun Monday at D’Verse and has prompted
us with the Summer Solstice
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