One Liner Wednesday – ‘Tis The Season

Are you ready for the holidays? With just over a few weeks away all I have is a rough plan in my head of how it’s going to come together. Oh well, it always has a way of working out. Instead of stressing I am just going to remember that it is a season of sharing. Someone else on my team might pick up the ball and run with it, right?

Have a great Wednesday and Happy Holidays!

For Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday

Into the Gray – Flash Fiction

Into the Gray

I sit by the window looking outside.  The dawn has barely broken, and a fine mist is suspended just above the lake’s surface. The silence of the morning has an eerie feel to it.  The sun yet to show itself, hidden by the foreboding still-dark clouds.

Having barely slept my eyes are sore.  Puffy bags have formed under my lower lids. A small price to pay for a night without bad dreams.  It has been four days since arriving at the cabin and I have yet to see another soul.

I venture outside and down the slope to the water’s edge.  Mist still visible providing a light blanket of cover.  Shedding the confinement of clothing I slip into the cold water.  Allowing it to consume me and in the tender gray, I swim undisturbed.  The water washes away the nightmares that had consumed me.

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Lisa from Tao Talk is hosting Prosery Monday at D'Verse.  She has given us the following line of poetry to be the prompt for our piece of Flash Fiction.

"In the tender gray, I swim undisturbed" 
by Celia Dropkin,from, “In Sullivan County”

D'Verse Prosery is Flash Fiction of exactly 144 words excluding the title.

Image by Esther Heide from Pixabay 

One Liner Wednesday – Junk Drawer

We all have them don’t we? The junk drawer that is probably in your kitchen. I remember always having one and over the years, with each move, the contents of my junk drawer would make the move in its own packing box. On arrival at the house the junk was given its new drawer. Really! It’s crazy I know but the stuff in that drawer doesn’t belong anywhere else.

So the other day I found this little blue plastic thing on the floor. We’d had a guest staying with us and I was so sure it had come off one of her belongings. I texted her a photo of it but it wasn’t hers. So guess where it now lives?

for Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday

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