Elegant and dignified
I try to remain
Although extremely hard
When you are killing my brain

Blindsided by the onslaught
It came from out of left field
Words crossed in anger
Like weapons to wield

The accelerant used
To me was unknown
My confidence lost in the flames
I’m now in the danger zone

Regaining my composure
When we are out of sync
Unaware of the cause
Takes me to the brink

To jump off the cliff
Escaping the pain
Is an option considered
Again and again

As if being on the front lines
Of a battleground
How I wish to alight
This merry-go-round

Now tongue-tied
I can only stare
In disbelief
Of what got us here

The war of our words
Escalated to implausible heights
Drained of energy
I surrender the fight

Christine Bolton

In response to the daily Word Prompt: Elegant

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