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When did this fairytale
become a nightmare?
How did the laughter
disappear into thin air
The chain of love
pulled until broken
Words of love
No longer spoken
Living in your chaos
Has taken its toll
Which end is up
as I fall into the hole
Anger the only emotion
Understanding now
Forever mislaid
The gentle heartbeat
Now a pounding in the chest
Anxiety devouring
A life much stressed
A diametric relationship 
Opposite ends of the continuum
When all said and done
Little left of the residuum
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Are We Fools Enough?

This is a collaboration between Charles Lindholm, The Reluctant Poet, and myself. Charles was inspired by one of my Haikus in early January and added his own words to it. The result was a beautifully woven love poem. He said it was as if our words were on a date! Charles is a wonderful poet and shares many of our offerings on his site. Please be sure to check out his beautiful poetry too.

Perhaps someone else’s words will inspire you today.

By Christine Bolton And Charles Robert Lindholm

The Soulful 
Look In Your Eyes
As You Stare At Me

Tells Me 
You Can See 
The Fire And Flames
In My Eyes 

And As My Eyes
Are Staring Back
At Yours

I Can Read
The Passion
Your Heart
Wants Me To See

Are We Fools Enough
To Do More Than Stare?

Copyright © 2019 Christine Bolton And Charles Robert Lindholm
All Rights Reserved
In collaboration with Charles Lindholm, The Reluctant Poet

Photo by Ryan Young on Unsplash



Mollusk crusted rock
In the ancient midden 
Reflecting the life
Of times long hidden

History for us to unravel
In these gifts preserved
Stories of ancestors
Thoughtfully conserved

Uniformly collected
Treasures of times gone by
Chronicles the account
Of what happened, and why

Years of being derelict
Disrespecting our past
Acknowledging the fault was ours
Learning the lesson at last

We must forgive mistakes
Ignorance is not a crime
They knew not the value
Of that place and time

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

DVerse Poets Pub hosted tonight by Frank Hubeny
He has challenged us with “Blame and Forgiveness”

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Seductive Sip – A Quadrille

Seductive Sip – A Quadrille

How daintily she sipped
her vodka martini
As she ordered
her Caprese panini
Looking so exotic
sitting by the pool
in her sexy bikini   
Feeling confident
being away from those
who knew her
Sampling cocktails
and sipping liqueurs
She had become
quite the poseur  
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

DVerse Poets - Monday Quadrille Prompt - Sip
A Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words excluding the title



In sadness, I walk along the beach
The ocean lends me its energy
When I am thoughtful, l sit under a tree
In its shade I remember to be me
When I cry, I stand in the rain
Where no one sees my tears
In happiness I run through fields
Exhibiting no fears
When I want company
A rabbit appears
To stimulate my vision
An array of flowers, year after year
When I need music
I listen for birdsong
When I want direction
Nature shows me where I belong
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to V.J.s Weekly Challenge
She asked us too look for the a common theme
in last week's blogs and choose a "Wild Card"
Mine was Nature.
 Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

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