Month: July 2020

Perfect Storm – Haiku Sequence

Perfect Storm

Charcoal clouds
begin to form on
blue canvas of sky
Moving quickly
across the expanse
Darkness hovering
Spawning thunder claps
Booming loudly
Lightning cracks
open the sky
on cue
in perfect concert
they perform
Before bowing
in acceptance of
the rain’s applause
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Frank Tassone is hosting D'Verse Poets Pub
tonight and has prompted us with
a Haiku Sequence.
You can write your haiku using the
traditional 5-7-5 syllable count.
Alternatively, you can write haiku
that can be read aloud in a breath,
using a short-long-short format,
without a syllable count.

Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay 

One Liner Wednesday

Good Wednesday morning! I hope this finds you well. Have you ever had one of those weeks when everyone got on your nerves and you just wanted to go down that rabbit hole and not come out for a while? Well that was my week. It can only get better. 😕

In response to Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday

Bouquet of Barbed Wire – A Quadrille

Bouquet of Barbed Wire

She wears her
crown of brambles
as if it were
sackcloth and ashes
A bouquet of barbed wire
had been accepted
and was now her brand
The pain rests heavily
in her heart
Forgiveness for herself
an impossibility 
For her dignity
he had stolen

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Linda from Charmed Chaos is hosting
Monday Quadrille at D'Verse Poets tonight.
She has prompted us with the word Brambles

A Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words
excluding the title

Image by Marek Studzinski from Pixabay 
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