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Another Thursday rolls around
and she walks to the village green
She will stand by the old oak tree
Sure that today he will be there
This her new weekly ritual
A pilgrimage to her lost love
Two years had passed since he left her
to fight in an overseas war
He was a marine proud and true
and a hero in her young eyes
Missing in action they told her
Sorry but we cannot do more
She refused to give up her hope
Although everyone would rib her
As always her heart did a skip
But today he was standing there 
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Saturday Luck Dip Prompt from Mindlovemisery's Menagerie
“Synchronicity” (The state or fact of being synchronous or
simultaneous; synchronism. Coincidence of events that seem
to be meaningfully related.). This form consists of eight three-line
stanzas in a syllable pattern of 8/8/2. This poetry type has no rhyme
and is written in the first person with a twist. The twist is to be
revealed within the last two stanzas. Created by Debra Gundy.

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As the sun sinks from view
and the green flash expires
A crimson canvas bleeds its last light
The remains of the day
plays its trickery on the eyes
before being swallowed by night
A big silvery moon
rises high in the velvet sky
casting its blanket bright
As stillness descends
the earth transitions
in fascinating delight
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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You came to me
In the flash of an eye
A port in stormy weather
Seeing your face
Knowing instantly 
We would be together
Wilderness days
and nightmares 
slowly fading away
As we meld into one 
a clear horizon and
the future in play 
Yet moments of darkness
confuse and stun
From where do they come?
To understand, impossible
Explanations insufficient 
Yet I always succumb
Blindsided by the rage and
struggling to compromise
It was impossible to prepare
Prone to such anger
with no prisoners taken
Reminiscent of warfare
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Frank Hubeny is hosting Open Link Night at DVerse

National Poetry Writing Month
Day 18 - April 18th
Today, I’d like to challenge you to write an elegy of your own,
one in which the abstraction of sadness is communicated not
through abstract words, but physical detail. This may not be
a “fun” prompt, but loss is one of the most universal and human
experiences, and some of the world’s most moving art is an
effort to understand and deal with it.
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From Where I Am Sitting

From Where I Am Sitting

Sitting here
waiting for that one look
Watching you,
adoring you
I am an open book
of my existence
Is that too much
to expect?
If only you knew
There is no resistance
I know you are busy
and your time is limited
But I beg for you to linger
a little longer with me
I will stay riveted
I have the perfect anecdote
if you give me a little time
I will show, but
I need your full attention
Just stay and be mine
I missed you today
while you were away
I was sad and lonely
Without you I grieved
Hoping everything was okay
My love for you is finite
You are all I want and need
I know you love me too, but
forgetting sometimes I am your dog
and I’m a different breed
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

National Poetry Writing Month
Day 17 - NaPoWriMo

Today, I’d like you to challenge you to write a poem that similarly
presents a scene from an unusual point of view. Perhaps you could
write a poem that presents Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery from the
perspective of the apple. Or the shootout at the OK Corral from the
viewpoint of a passing vulture. Or maybe it could be something as
everyday as a rainstorm, as experienced by a raindrop.

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One Liner Wednesday

Good Wednesday Morning! It must be springtime because everyone is out in the warm sunshine and anxious to make contact with others. Living in a resort town brings many seasonal residents and visitors here for the weather and they love to stop and chat … and chat, and chat … 😳

Remind me to walk the dog at 11:00 PM tonight. It’s safer!

Have a great day!

In response to Linda G Hill’s One Liner Wednesday

Lost Forever

Lost Forever

The wind tousled her hair
as she stood at the empty dock 
A she-bird in exotic plumage
Gazing at the shrinking ferry  
as it sailed around the rock
The tide-looped harbor
now void of vessel
Empty like her heart
cold and vacant
feelings still to wrestle
Dropped in the ocean
on this darkest of night
Gone now was her love
Swallowed by the ringed-sea
in the moon’s owl-light
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Grace is hosting D'Verse Poetics tonight.  She has prompted us
to use compound words fav red by Dylan Tomas as follows:
For this Tuesday Poetics I’m asking you to write a poem using at least
FOUR of the hyphenated compound words from the above list.
Employ as little or as much of Thomas’ other methodologies too
as but most of all, let’s love the words!
(Click D'Verse link to see all the
hyphenated words)  I chose:

Other prompts



National Poetry Writing Month

Day 16 - NaPoWriMo Optional Prompt
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