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His voice was husky
With breath of whiskey
In his eyes he took me
I felt a shiver down my spine
He had the look of a swine
He thought he was a somebody

His hands on my body touching
My fists  tightly clenching
I wanted to retch
Mauling me like an animal
I was trying to be rational
As he pushed me against the ketch

The marina was poorly lit
And this deplorable wouldn’t quit
No one heard me shout
The weekend noise
Was covering my cries
I was being assaulted no doubt

He’s telling me I want it
I’ve been asking for it
As he viciously bit my lip
My knee jerks upward
And he just got suckered
Loosening his grip

My attacker once ruthless
Now bent over useless
Writhing in justified pain
I pushed him to the ground
Enjoying his whimpering sound
He won’t try this again

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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I know what I want

Saying it again and again

Never materializing

Always demoralizing

This is insane


In this life I’ve searched

For you in my dreams

I can visualize you

And feel you

Or so it seems


It’s as if I actually know you

We are already together

Understanding each well

Never having to say farewell

Bonded like birds of a feather


I think your thoughts

and you know my feelings

You are the Yang

I am the Yin

The harmony is revealing


Patience is a virtue

Until you find me I wait

Ready to receive

Knowingly I apperceive

The arrival of my soul mate


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day #19 – What do you want

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Get Away

Get Away

She became the tired recipient
of his irrational behavior
He’s up, then he’s down
A relationship doomed to failure

Tolerance wearing thin
Her desire to please had waned
She had to get away
and no longer be restrained

Enough is enough
Her dedication there no longer
What won’t kill you
makes you stronger

Not wanting to drink poison
for him this day
She swore to leave
and him she would betray

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Reena’s Weekly Exploration Challenge Week #58


  1. Whiner
  2. Patience personified
  3. Pessimist
  4. Testing Times
  5. Doer
  6. Jilted Lover
  7. Circumstantial
  8. Devoted

Reena asked us to pick a minimum of two keywords from the above list and weave a story/poem around them, without using them.  The onus of identifying the keywords is on the writer by using them as a theme or a personality.

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Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams

Once upon a time
when you were my lover
we used to live in our world
of magical fantasy with
new experiences to discover

Fearless and free
We sailed the seven seas
Swimming in oceans
Enduring blizzards
And climbing trees

Our dreams were endless
and energy unbounded
A magical pair
Living in enchantment
Any negativity unfounded

Was it then prophetic
that you went away?
You became my former lover
Our lives modified
No longer here to stay

I fascinated you no longer
The spell was broken
In a New York minute
My hopes and wishes dashed
Another word never spoken


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing

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OctProWriMo – Poem a Day #18 – Once Upon a Time


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It is in that one Nano second
When I can decide
To break out of hell
Allowing crazy and insanity
to ultimately collide

Or I can take a breath
Deep into my diaphragm
Calming and exploring
Redirecting the madness
from its manic forming anagram

Perhaps I choose
to slowly simmer
Like an exotic potion
to prompt and provoke lunacy
What could be grimmer?

That Nano second
disappearing in an instant
Madness might reign
Sanity may prevail
The sport of choice, distant


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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OctPoWriMo Poem a Day #17 – Madness Reigns


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One Liner Wednesday


Here’s one for you on this fine Wednesday morning.  Linda Hill had suggested Words of Wisdom as a prompt for today’s One Liner.  My Words of Wisdom would be “Don’t do this!”  This happened to me last night. Ouch!

Have a great day!



In response to Linda G Hill’s One Liner Wednesday


This House is not a Home

This House is not a Home

As I look around the room
In its disrepair
The beauty is still here
In this house
where we raised our children
Your essence is everywhere

The dirt and grime is thick
Covering the furniture and drapes
The height chart on the wall
no longer visible
and there’s the chair where you
bandaged the scrapes

Memories of our family
Are buried deep in this grime
Layers of our life disguised
In the filth of other’s lives
But their neglect
is the only crime

That you are gone from my life
is the tragedy I cannot bear
This house no longer my home
I just came to see
if you were still here
Why is life so unfair?

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Mish’s Challenge at dVerse Poets Beauty in Ugliness

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Not Worth It

Not Worth It

She stood fearlessly
On the balcony wall
One more step
And she could end it all

Not that she would
She just wanted to scare
A brief moment of power
Silently saying a prayer

What is the point
of anything anymore
His hateful words
had cut her to the core

Time and again
she would acquiesce
Living with him
was like a game of chess

She always had to be
Two steps ahead
To know what was coming
Or fear to tread

This day was like
Just any other
She was only breathing air
But to him it was a bother

He was irritated as usual
With what she was doing
A fight ensued
It was always brewing

Emergency vehicle sirens
Sounding in the distance
Probably coming for her
To offer their assistance

Digging deep in her soul
Searching for serendipity
This is letting him win
She’d had an epiphany

Stepping down from the ledge
Her strength had returned
The power was hers
The tide had turned

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day #16 – Catch me when I fall


Photo by Megan Wood on Unsplash

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