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The sky was dappled 
Like a Monet masterpiece 
The characters in her world
She wished to release
The noises in her head
Just would not cease
She had not been ready
When her world came crashing down
Leaving her hurt and confused
Betrayed by that clown
Stripped of her confidence
Shunned by the town
Wandering to the water’s edge
She found her magical place
On the river bank under the tree
Where she would find grace
Fumbling with her feelings
She practiced her poker face
Her determination her cynosure 
She returned to her home
Rifling through his things
with a fine-tooth comb
she found the evidence
in a cup of Styrofoam
There it was in plain sight
A locket for his lover
Bearing his and her initials
What a thing to discover
Outraged she knew what to do
She would blow his cover
Quickly she packed his bags
dumping them outside
the locksmith came
She felt fortified
He came a-knocking at the door
Not at home, she replied
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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As the sky turns
From blue to creamy yellow
When the sun sinks lower
And we begin to feel mellow
Feeling the slight tingle
of freshly sun-kissed skin 
And freckles on a nose
That knows not how to begin
Your sapient thoughts confirm
This is where you need to be
Brush off the cobwebs
In search of liberty
For all the winter clothes
Are but just an armor
That protect us from the cold
And keep us warmer
Connect with your inner self
And follow your dreams
Stay on target
Its easier than it seems
Shed the unnecessary weight
Discard those scratchy threads 
And free yourself 
From winter’s dread
Be venturesome and curious
Stay full of wonder
Spread your wings
Let no one steal your thunder
Fly south young bird
As your parents have sung
Follow the sun and
stay forever young
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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I am your muse
Your creativity needs me
I feel your love enticing
Guiding me by whatever means
Luring and mesmerizing

Your tactile artistry
Cries out to touch
Feeling my skin
So it may infuse energy
to your hands
Rendering delicious sin

Take me to the heights
of your madness
Exhaust me with your ardency
Torture me with your creations
Use me, love me, keep me
With a sense of urgency


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


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Words (2)

Words (2)

The pen is my instrument

And life my mentor

An extraordinary journey

Questioning what’s in store

A burgeoning dream

To heal our pain

Writing about fears

Sheltering from the rain

Exorcising demons

With our blood for ink

Pulling me back

From teetering on the brink

We may heal ourselves

From the wounds of misery

The pen is mightier than the sword

and it inflicts no injury


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


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Endless Cycle

Endless Cycle

The signal has sounded
A life is relinquished
The weight of longevity
A light extinguished

What was the beginning
is now the end
but what was once old
becomes new again

The cycle of life
for some is finite
and for others it is
a chance to reunite

Cultures do vary
and many will reincarnate
into whom Karma
has deemed appropriate

A life lived respectful of all
Humans and animals equally
One never knows who they’ll be
Anyone or anything conceivably

For others the end is the finish
Nothing left but the black
Life has been lived
There is no going back

None of us know
Until we are finally there
Tomorrow is another day
Hopefully we wll be somewhere

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day #31 – Endless

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Cuban Crisis

Cuban Crisis

She was pulled towards
the whiff of cigar smoke
in the still night air
Pungent yet sweet
it was magnetic
Luring her into the snare

He stood in a cloud
of the scented haze
enjoying his vice
She watched quietly
for a few moments
debating her own advice

She had pretended interest
in the Cuban cigar
knowing it would intrigue
He invited her easily
to step outside
But was she out of his league?

He was holding an object
in his outstretched hand
as she approached
Just as she had thought
a fat cigar for her
She knew she had been caught

He laughed at her look
She was an easy read
He had got her good
Men don’t want women
to smoke cigars
If only they understood


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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It is in that one Nano second
When I can decide
To break out of hell
Allowing crazy and insanity
to ultimately collide

Or I can take a breath
Deep into my diaphragm
Calming and exploring
Redirecting the madness
from its manic forming anagram

Perhaps I choose
to slowly simmer
Like an exotic potion
to prompt and provoke lunacy
What could be grimmer?

That Nano second
disappearing in an instant
Madness might reign
Sanity may prevail
The sport of choice, distant


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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OctPoWriMo Poem a Day #17 – Madness Reigns


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When we are in the same orbit
I breathe your breath deep in my being
I am connected to your spirituality
Your heart beats inside of me
Our gravity pulls us toward the other
I am able to guide you unseeing

When your strength has become mine
It is enticing and fearless
We converge at each other’s core
My end is your beginning
We meet in the center
Where there is always forgiveness

When thoughts inside your head are mine
My words finish your extempore sentence
Coupled together a force of the mighty
Fighting battles of singularity
Combining collective strengths
Your culture and mine a divine confluence

When we are on the same wavelength
In harmony we move fluidly
Synchronicity takes form
Our unison apparent
Moving together as one
Loving the other sacredly

Christine Bolton

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Faces forming in the clouds
Evanescent in the billowing shroud
Colors brilliant at the end of the day
Pinks and blues give way to oranges and grey

Salty spray upon the face
Murmuring waves rolling without a trace
Windblown feathers of the hawk
Spirits of the ocean talk

Energy of the water runs deep
Crying souls succumbed to final sleep
Undulating strength of a million years
Cumulating in a sea of tears

Ancient trees stand witness to it all
Ringed with age, strong and tall
Mountains jagged and insurmountable
Standing close and almost touchable

Beauty abounds but at what cost
Take it now it will soon be lost
Reenergize the human being
This life of yours is worth living

Chakras tell the story
Where you might lose your glory
Balance life as nature does perfect
Or suffer the consequential effect

Christine Bolton

Word of the Day Challenge: Evanescent

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