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Eyes Wide Open – Week #21

Good Saturday morning!

It was an unusual week and I wasn’t able to get as many photos as I’d hoped so I have cheated a little and included two from a vacation to Ireland a couple of months ago.  I was so lucky that I got to take a lesson in Falconry, which is something I have always wanted to do.  It was amazing to walk through the woods with this beautiful hawk on my wrist and she would take off for a while and then return to me once I popped a mouse head in my glove!  Lovely!

All photos were taken on my iPhone

Here she is, just landed

What a beauty she is!

Now, back in Florida, this little Heron is less scary

I captured this pretty sky with a Pelican in flight.  Lucky shot!

This is Grace looking rather superior sitting in the warm sun

While walking Grace we spotted another turtle managing to camouflage himself in the woods


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Eyes Wide Open – Week #20

Good Saturday morning!

This was a strange week having a holiday in the middle, and double duty in the kitchen, but I did get out managing to take a few iPhone photos to share.  Enjoy your Saturday!

I guess some people do.  That’s very sad

I see this guy quite often but he’s always too busy to wave back!

Now this fisherman was happy to connect.  Not so sure about the Ancient Mariner. Or maybe it was Captain Birds Eye!

This lone Plumeria bloom is hanging on until the last leaf has fallen

This is one of my favorite places to sit, write, read or just watch 💕

Pretty pink Bougainvillea blooming year round for our enjoyment

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Eyes Wide Open – Week #19


Good morning!

We had a much cooler week with temps in the low 80s and yesterday we had a cold snap and it dropped below 70! Brrrr!  I checked out the beach and was happy to see the Red Tide had finally gone and there were no more sad remnants of sea life scattered on the shore.  It certainly hurt tourism this summer when most Europeans like to visit. Thankfully everything is pristine again and ready for this coming winter season and the return of the northern snowbirds.

Enjoy your Saturday!


One of the Lifeguard huts on Siesta Beach

A couple of sailboats heading out from the bay

Siesta Key Beach and it’s pretty white quartz sand

The Gulf looking chilly (to me anyway!)

I don’t know what you call these things but they always make me smile!

We have an English Tea Shop here and they have a cutout of the Queen

welcoming everyone.  I love it!


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Eyes Wide Open – Week #18

Good morning!

I hope you had an enjoyable week.  For part of my week I was in Washington DC enjoying some beautiful autumn colors and the opportunity to visit the Smithsonian’s African American Museum. Trust me it is not easy to get tickets. You have to be determined and diligent and once you have your day and time slot, whenever that is – GO!  We built our weekend around ours and it did not disappoint. The building alone was magnificent. An architectural beauty incorporating an African design.  Starting on the bottom floor of the museum and working your way up to the top, you have an insight to the pain and suffering endured from the time of kidnapping and slavery to modern day achievements and success.  It was highly emotional for me and there were many tears shed by men and women alike during our visit.  I hope if you visit DC you find the time to visit this very special place.

Enjoy your Saturday!

A beautiful and chilly Fall day in DC

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Memorial. I loved the way this looks like he is
part of the mountain

Jefferson, a beautiful wordsmith, but still a slave owner.  Each brick
in this photo represents a slave he owned with their names inscribed

Washington Monument

A fun sculpture in our hotel

If you like having a cocktail al fresco, this is a nice and warm way to do it
when it’s freezing outside!  Complete with heater.

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Eyes Wide Open – Week #17

Good Saturday morning!

The weather this week was amazing.  Late October, early November and the temperatures were in the mid 80s during the day and 70s at night.  Finally the humidity has gone and we are enjoying Florida outdoors.

This week I went to the park on the Bayfront to see what was happening.  As you can see from the photos it was a glorious day.

Enjoy your Saturday!


An interesting sculpture

A nautical distance marker on the walking trail

Part of the dolphin fountain

Not a cloud in sight and the skyline reflected in the water 

This guy saw me photographing him and offered to do a few more moves.

What was I going to say? No?

Some tourists taking a Segway Tour

Bougainvillea climbing the entrance gate. So colorful


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Eyes Wide Open – Week #16


Good Saturday Morning!

Here are some photos from my daily exercise outings to share with you. All were taken on an iPhone. I see something different every time I am out and sometimes there is a thread.  This week I found the fish seemed to be talking to me!

Enjoy your day and your surroundings

Pretty turtle found while walking my dog on the nature trail

There were dozens of these little crabs everywhere

Yellow Lab – SuperDog!

Flat Fish – Great parking lot dividers for the fish market

Flying Fish – pretty restaurant decor

Dead Fish – United in the end!

Thank goodness we have Mangroves for the protection of our shorelines and creating habitats for many creatures

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Eyes Wide Open – Week #15

Good Morning!

Just when I thought the temperatures were finally dropping, they spiked again with help from the heat index.  I cut back on my running because I just couldn’t do it for very long this week and enjoyed some walking instead. Even on the coast we were at 99 degrees and these very high Fall temperatures were draining.  The following photos were taken on an iPhone.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday!

Even on the coast we were at 99 degrees. Some pretty high Fall temperatures

I wish I was going with them … it looks cooler!

I saw several trees like this, all in blossom.

I’m not sure what it is so I’ll check it out. Does anyone know?

Some large yard art.  Pretty horses.

This little guy was all on his own

Pretty shot with the building reflecting perfectly in the water

These heat tolerant plants were beautifully blooming



Eyes Wide Open – Week #14


Good morning!

Here is another photo diary of my week. All photos taken on my iPhone. Maybe some of the photos will inspire your writing.

Have a great Saturday!


I ran into my new neighborhood friend George again!  He’s so cool

Pink Flamingos … it is Florida after all

Some mosaics on someone’s fence

This little Gecko jumped on the hood of my car when I left the

grocery store.  I drove slowly and he was still there when I got home.

He’s probably lost now!

Free Avocados!

Funny sight outside gun store. Do you think the angel is telling the child

not to buy one? The angel statue belongs to an antique store next door

Someone enjoying the weather on his jet-ski

Eyes Wide Open – Week 13

Thank goodness the temperature dropped below the 90 degree mark this week, which made running more of a pleasure than a chore!  I managed to catch a few interesting things on my iPhone and hope you enjoy them. They inspired me and perhaps they will do the same for you.

Have a great Saturday!

This sculpture is outside the Museum of Whimsy.  Great fun inside!

Some Ibis joined me at a favorite resting spot by the water

This butterfly was quite happy sitting on this horse statue

Bananas will soon be ripe for the picking!

Pretty day at the marina

Free Key Limes!  Yeah!

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