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March Madness – A Haibun

March Madness – A Haibun

It is March and high season in Southwest Florida. The temperatures are in the low 80s, the sun is getting hot and the beaches are packed. We are invaded on a daily basis by thousands of visitors from the northern US and Canada who are tired of digging themselves out of snowdrifts and would prefer to wear a swimsuit rather than a sweater.

We share our seaside home with tourists from just about everywhere, including overseas.  Every parking lot will be full.  You will have to wait over an hour at a restaurant without a reservation. The roads are busy and no one knows where they are going.  Oh yes, did I mention Spring Break!

We refrain from swearing and remember it will soon be May and all the snowbirds would have flown.  At least until October and then they start to come back again!

March madness is here
The return of the snowbirds
Time to hibernate
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Merrill is hosting Haibun Monday at DVerse tonight
She prompted us with March Madness.
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