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It’s A Dog’s Life

It’s A Dog’s Life

I follow as a puppy
to the ends of the earth,
loving unconditionally 
and forgiving all your sins
My time here is
to please only you
You smile at my idiosyncrasies
Scratching your head
at what I do
Whether I chase my tail
trying to find the answers
or digging and digging
away at something
until I reach China
I hope like me you will one day
sniff out what’s new and different
and travel with the windows down
once in a while
and never, ever hold a grudge
We have so much to learn
from each other
but one thing we will never do
is bite the hand that feeds us
Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Kim at Writing in North Norfolk is hosting D'Verse Poets
tonight and has prompted us with writing a poem in the first person
that compares some trait of ours with something animal.
It should not be a whale, but another creature (mammal, fish, bird,
insect, etc.) with which we have something in common. The title
should be the animal thing, in the same way Marjorie Saiser chose
‘The Print the Whales Make’.

Image by Nikki Luijpers from Pixabay 

The Strong and the Weak

The Strong and the Weak

Pure white sheets on washing lines billow in the wind
like clouds moving swiftly across the blue-sky expanse
Strong yet soft to touch with a scent of freshness
Capable of many washings and bleaching
A high thread count, thick but cool on the skin
Fine, sensitive delicates are no longer hanging here
The past not easy to rinse away as the plain utilitarian cottons
These silky items are now handwashed gently with love
and left to dry flat, smoothing away any further wrinkles
Susceptible to damage, cared for and protected
Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

De Jackson (aka Whimsy Gizmo) is hosting D'Verse Poets tonight
and has prompted us with the 'Laundry' and we may do it any
way we like.  He also gave us some 'washing' prompts to use
I chose to use three:  dry flat. wrinkles and fine delicates 

Hotter Than Hades

Hotter Than Hades

That summer when I was seven was hotter than Hades
The earth dry and cracked like a moon crater
I remember Grandma sitting on her porch
Snipping the green beans into her apron
Wiping the sweat from her eyes
with the damp cloth permanently wrapped around her neck
We spent most days down in the swimming hole
Swinging from the tree and jumping in the water
or floating in tire tubes just to stay cool
When the sun went down we'd catch fireflies in jars
and watch the June bugs spinning on their backs
by the kitchen door
The days passed slower than molasses
Daddy used to say it was hotter than a stolen tamale
I remember the swarm of grasshoppers that came
They were bigger than Texas.  Billy said they were locusts
They ate momma’s sunflowers,
making her madder than a hornet
There were so many in the air they would land on your legs
while you were riding your bike
Grown-ups were bad-tempered and us kids stayed well away
It seemed as if it was never going to rain
Until that day when big fat drops spotted the pavement 
Like the polka dots on my Sunday best dress
It was a Saturday
Finally, the heavens opened
and the rain came down in buckets
We danced in the street until we were soaked to the skin
and Grandma chased us in with her broom
The next day we all went to church to give thanks 
Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Grace is hosting D'Verse Poets tonight and she has
prompted us to write a poem incorporating setting (specific or descriptive) in our blog.

Word Prompt

Swim - FOWC

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

Embracing Change – A Quadrille

Embracing Change

Unlike in our youth
change comes quickly now
Ability to choose
overridden by health
and age
Geography playing its part
as family concerns escalate
Learning to embrace
whatever comes
difficult but necessary
What goes around, 
comes around,
as moving forward
is the only option
Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Merril is hosting Monday Quadrille at D'Verse Poets
and she has prompted us with the word "Embrace".
This is how I chose to use it.

A Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words excluding
the title.

Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay

Fools’ Folly

Fools’ Folly

A connection
electrically charged
Stopping both
in their tracks
Hearts pierced by arrows
short circuiting brains
Stupid smiles
with gibberish speech
Foolish decisions made
and caution thrown
carelessly to the winds
Castle built on sand
with foundations weak
The house of love
no more than a folly
Pretty on the outside
empty on the inside
Completely useless
and a waste of time
Copyright © 2020 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Lisa is hosting D'Verse Poets tonight and
she has prompted us with the word 'Folly'

Image by stephen7272 from Pixabay



Two black dogs
pulling me forward
The sensation in my head
was fuzzy  
My direction wavered
to the left
to the right
to the left again
Can I make it across the bridge?
I was flying
on the back of a dolphin
The ride was thrilling
until the descent
to ground 
Gravel in my knees
as I stared
at the dog collar
minus one dog
Not a dream
but light headedness
and blackout 
Kissing the pavement
before sending me
to la-la land
One patient dog
The other wrestled free
and ate the grass
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Grace is hosting D’Verse Poets tonight and has prompted us with Stream of Consciousness writing. She explains that basically, its purpose is to emulate the passage of thought through your mind without any inhibitors. For that reason, sentences become longer, less organized and more sporadic in style. Its lack of structure is not for everybody, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any order. Stream of consciousness permits deeper patterns of order to emerge, ones based on the genuine movement of information in your brain.




I am wild
and boisterous
Fearless and fierce
I am me

I am adventurous
and curious
Gutsy and brave
I am me

I tow the line
and follow instructions
Respectful and dutiful
I am me

I am kind
and considerate
Thoughtful and benevolent
I am me

I care
and I love
Gentle and sweet
I am me

I write
and I create
Questioning and truthful
I am me

I argue
and fight
Cry and scream
I am me

I cause pain
and offend
Angry and indignant
I am human

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

Grace is hosting D’Verse Poets tonight and has
prompted us with writing a poem in the the first
person narrative.  I am sharing a poem I wrote a couple of
years ago. 

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Ever changing
circle of life
and love
Growing and evolving
with respect and honor
Giving and receiving
Supporting and leaning
Loving and hating
Sometimes crashing and burning
with resentment and bitterness
Futile arguments
Begrudging compromise
Sending each other
in different directions
Searching for emotional life rafts
A place to breathe
and heal from 
stinging words
of anger
hurled without thought
More harshly spoken
than truth in their meaning
Uneven edges of a puzzle
trying to fit
any which way
Sharp corners slicing softness
leaving bloody lesions
Healing but scarring
Forever reminders
of imperfections
on each side
of the equation
A never-ending challenge
to live and love
as one

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts

Futile - Word of the Day
Begrudge - FOWC
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