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Druid Queen

Druid Queen

She weaved the mistletoe
into her golden hair
Slipping on the long white dress
While waiting for the mist
To clear from the morning air
Her finger twisted a loose tress
At the circle of stones
The secret order assembled 
Impatient for the sun to break
Waiting in the darkness
Her body trembled
and her hands began to shake
At dawn’s first light 
The music broke the hush
and they began to dance
In and out of the stones
she was feeling the rush
It was as if she were in a trance
As the sun rose from the horizon
The maiden’s dance did captivate
Her body moving unfettered
The naysayers were denounced
Her image now the Druid queen incarnate
and into another time she entered

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing

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What you see is what you get
The waters are not that deep
They are transparent and calm
And could lull you to sleep
What is visible on the surface
Is reflected directly below
Nothing is hidden from view
Nor veiled to deceive or shadow
Still waters and calm seas
So you may navigate easily
No blind spots to fool you
Or dangers lurking deceitfully
She has charted your course
You may set sail from the docks
Come to me, sings the siren
Guiding you to the rocks
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Sue Vincent's Thursday Photo Prompt - Beneath

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Last night I had a dream
You were lying next to me
In a dark room
Somewhere near the sea
I could hear crickets
In the balmy stillness
Moonbeams streaking
Light through the darkness
A sensation of calmness
As I let you stroke my cheek
Your arms went around me
and I began to feel weak
You grasped my hands
pulling them behind me
Expertly binding them
and I pretended to get free
Your actions were exciting
Almost kinky in a way
Your body pushing against me
as I submissively lay
I didn’t know who you were
I perhaps did not care
Was this even a dream
Or a fantasy nightmare
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster


The exhilaration I feel

When before the master I kneel

His presence surrounding me

On this night that is moonlit

I am now ready to commit

To him completely


The connection is radioactive

and attraction seductive

I am consumed with a sensation

A feeling within

Urging me to commit the sin

Singing in elation


My urges are primitive

All things being relative

Am I on a road to disaster?

Oh, quell my desires

You are evil in disguise

The ultimate ringmaster


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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Photo by Miranda Wipperfurth on Unsplash

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The gold of your hair
Is fluid in my hand
Silken and soft
In millions of strands

The water covering our feet
Cool against the skin
Sensuous and evocative
But it covers many a sin

We tread precariously
On the slippery stones
Treacherous currents
Have taken many bones

Sad souls haunt the beauty
Of this tranquil space
Warning us of hidden danger
In a picturesque place

The undercurrent pulls
Me down into the drink
To the bottomless pit
I am destined to sink

The last thing I see
Is your flaxen hair
Blowing in the breeze
As I gasp for air


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt – Hidden




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On the night of the dead
Dressed to disguise
My lover, I think
Looked me in the eyes

Spellbound I gazed
into the center of his mask
Is this really him
I stopped myself to ask

He took my hand
and we wandered for a while
Weaving through the labyrinth
reaching the center aisle

We stopped and he whispered
Gently in my ear
Evocative words
that I wanted to hear

His voice was different
But I didn’t have a care
I shivered when we touched
I knew I shouldn’t dare

We walked on to a rivulet
Where he kissed me long
Wrapping his arms around me
So tightly and strong

We stood there together
Until I began to swoon
This was not my lover
I had just danced on the moon

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day #30 – Dancing on the Moon

Photo by Kym on Unsplash

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