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Day and Night

Day and Night

Beneath the dark grey clouds
The brazen sun ignited
Shining its light on the earth
A sight to be delighted
A flock of starlings scattered
Like a carpet shaken with might 
A climactic end of day 
Exhausting into the night
Colors vivid and dramatic
A wave of madness in the sky
Spiked like a fever
Only the moon knows why
Waiting in the wings
to cool things down
She lays patiently in wait
Wearing the evening gown
Of silver and sparkle
Bright as evening light
The day is over
Here comes the night
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©


Sue Vincent's Thursday Photo/Write Challenger - Renewal




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Cloud Cover

Cloud Cover

A cover of darkness
Across the evening sun
Clouds forming shadows
A look of linen homespun
Grey lined with silver
A token resistance
To the black blanket’s
Impending persistence
Magnificent painted sky
A kaleidoscope of watercolors
Each evening a different palette
To guide home the sailors
Puffed and looking weightless
Providing shade when in motion
Sometimes crying with rain
Giving to the earth with devotion
The ever-changing canvas
of clouds in their splendor
To be a prisoner of their beauty
I would gladly surrender
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Sue Vincent's Thursday Photo/Write Prompt - Clouds

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The simplicity of the day
A walk in the park
Dog by my side
Who cares if she barks
Breathe in the fresh air
take in the sights
flowering bushes
the hazy morning light
Camera in my pocket
Capturing things I now see
Once too busy to notice
Seeing the beauty of a tree
Stimulating visions of nature
With a coterie doing likewise
Exchanging traditional greetings
With new friendships to initialize
Sitting at the gazebo
Spotting some birds
Writing down my findings
Making poetry from my words
Simple activities of daily life
Fulfilling and pleasurable
Enhancing, enriching
Its gift immeasurable
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Gina's Tuesday Prompt at DVerse Poets - The Magic of Ordinary Thing

Photo by Jose Carlos Cerdeño Martinez on Unsplash

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Virgin Snow – Poem of the Month – December 2018

Virgin Snow

It was virgin snow
almost a sin to walk there
Earth soundproofing and
protecting itself from chaos
Silent and peaceful fresh air

Most birds had flown but
a few mourning doves cooed
The sun was struggling
to make its appearance
Invisible animals searched for food

The stillness of the morning
lifted my spirits high
A feeling of serenity
and at one with nature
as I looked up to the sky

All the information I ever needed
was right in front of me here
The world was alive and beautiful
Unaware yet of my carbon footprint
Singing a hymn of seasonal cheer


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©







In response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt – Untrodden


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The flocculent clouds

Puffed in the sky

Like giant marshmallows

Tempting the eye

The wind carrying them east

Beyond the line of vision

Dividing the horizon

With a precise incision

The sun covered momentarily

A showing of prediction

To only reappear

With courage of its conviction

As twilight arrives

At its recommended time

Nature’s shift begins

Its internal rhyme


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash

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Night Sky

Night Sky

Orion straddles the sky
His belt twinkling
In the darkness
Lighting the way
With stars sprinkling

The cheesy moon
Has passed
The halfway mark
A shadow of his smile
Slightly visible in the dark

The stars scattered
Across the expanse, winking
So silent is the night
Giving us pause to wonder
With wishful thinking

The nightly performance
Ensorcelled us with its splendor
The tryst between the stars and moon
A match made in heaven
Magnificent beauty it did render


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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Photo by Arnold Dogelis on Unsplash

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Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Come into my arms

Let me shelter you

from the storm

Let me cover you

with my silken leaves

and keep you warm


You may sleep on the

soft and pretty

flowers at my feet

A carpet of beauty

with their fragrance

so exotic and sweet


I will give you my limbs

so you can break them

to kindle a fire

You may eat my fruit

to nourish your body

and do what you require


I am here for you

whatever you ask of me

Do not resist my attraction

I will breathe my life

into your starved spirit

for your needed benefaction


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


In response to Hélène Vaillant’s Photo Prompt What do you See

D’Verse Poets Open Link Night

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She shows me the sky
Of brilliant blue
Purposely hiding the clouds
As if she knew
She infuses me with her energy
So I can keep going
Feeling downhearted
And really not knowing

One step at a time
Fearing where to tread
She pointed me to a river
So I could follow the thread
The trees shed their leaves
Providing a place to sleep
Branches and twigs
For a fire to keep

A sense of calmness
Encompasses my being
A feeling of serenity
Is beautifully freeing
My faith restored
And strength recaptured
Mother Nature provided
And I am enraptured


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


In response to Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt – Calm

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Dry as a Bone

Dry as a Bone

Sun bleaching bones
to a brilliant white
Carcass long gone
In 120 degrees Fahrenheit

Separated from his herd
Some time ago
Never seeing them again
He headed to the oxbow

The stream had dried up
Nothing left to drink
Wandering aimlessly
He had to think

Planetary conditions harsh
His skin burning
Heat games in his mind
became more disturbing

His hide was drying out
Hydration a faraway dream
Weakness in his legs
Now beyond extreme

He fell to the ground
Wishing the dizziness to stop
As he drew his last breath
He felt the first raindrop


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt – Bone

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Autumn – Poem of the Month – October 2018


Acorns crunching under feet

Squirrels making a hasty retreat

Leaves of different colors fallen

This is now the season of Autumn

Humidity has finally left the air

The sun lies lower with less of a glare

A crispness now freshens the landscape

Summer has finally found her escape

Flower petals dying out on stems

Fall winds will perform the cleanse

Miles of fields recently mowed

Lined with hay rolls of colored gold

Illuminating the glorious landscape

Nature beginning to take shape

Sheaves of wheat standing propped

Not a sign of any left uncropped

A panoply of pumpkins hauled to a patch

Happy children hoping to catch

the biggest they can find

For a Jack-o-Lantern to be designed

Halloween approaching in a matter of weeks

Costume considerations and rosy cheeks

Trick or treats

Lots of sweets

Bottles of cider from apple orchards

Do clocks go back or forwards?

Thanksgiving turkey and sweet potato pie

Family visits and stomachs to satisfy

Obsequious children asking for cookies

Negotiating the odds like a bunch of bookies

Football games on television

When do we eat? Such indecision

Remembering what we are thankful for

Never forgetting those who went before

Dedications and gratitude

Private moments of solitude

A season of harvest and plenty to share

Someone is hungry in the world out there


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©







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