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One Liner Wednesday – Junk Drawer

We all have them don’t we? The junk drawer that is probably in your kitchen. I remember always having one and over the years, with each move, the contents of my junk drawer would make the move in its own packing box. On arrival at the house the junk was given its new drawer. Really! It’s crazy I know but the stuff in that drawer doesn’t belong anywhere else.

So the other day I found this little blue plastic thing on the floor. We’d had a guest staying with us and I was so sure it had come off one of her belongings. I texted her a photo of it but it wasn’t hers. So guess where it now lives?

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One Liner Wednesday – Twitterless

After several years of having a Twitter account that had barely been used, I have finally cut the cord and I am now Twitterless!

I signed up for a personal Twitter account back in the day but never actually used it. I found it clumsy and was not sure what I ever wanted to say that was relevant, so it was a non starter. When I started my blog I was encouraged to create another account and put a share button on my pages. For a while I linked my posts to Twitter but to a Twitterer it still meant they had to click to see what I was posting. It seems that might have been too much work for many and my Tweets were hardly ever acknowledged. I like to think that the poetry I write for my blog is meaningful and thoughtful and needs to be read slowly and digested. Twitter therefore was not the ideal platform for my work although it can be for many and others thrive in that environment.

I have a wonderful WP follower who posts my work daily on her own Twitter feed but I notice too that no one ever “likes” those posts either. So I asked myself what actually is the point of Twitter to me? The answer was absolutely nothing.

I deleted both accounts the other day after witnessing Elon Musk ride roughshod over his employees and putting their livelihood at risk. The very next day he announced that he had reinstated Donald Trump’s tweeting privileges. Now I know I did the right thing in getting off there!

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Word of the day – Platform

One Liner Wednesday – Mistaken Identity?

Good Wednesday morning! I hope you are all doing well. Have you noticed, when you are in a store, it is an easy mistake to assume that someone standing nearby might work there and you begin asking questions. Maybe they have the same color shirt as the company uniform or they are wearing an unrelated name tag. I’m sure most of us have done it accidentally, but I have never thought of doing it on purpose to get a reaction from someone. Have you? I do worry about Karma though. They say what goes around, comes around.

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One Liner Wednesday – Full of Air

The makers of snacks have us over a barrel. We know, and they know, that every time we put down a lot of money for a bag of their potato chips, they will always win the gamble of how many chips will actually be in the bag. When did you last open a bag of chips and think, wow! Look at all the chips I got in this bag. Unfortunately chips are not something you can rustle up quickly yourself for a snack or make as a grab and go item for a lunch box. They have us where they want us …. Addicted!

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One Liner Wednesday – Shamed?

To those out there with an Apple watch or similar, how many of you are a slave to the fitness app? I have a habit of checking the rings just before I go to bed at night and have sometimes been horrified that I haven’t ‘moved’ or ‘exercised’ as much as it suggests. I have literally run up and down the stairs a few times just to see if I could cross the finish line! No kidding. I think I need therapy, or at least change my settings.

I’d love to hear your stories so please share ☺️

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