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Holiday Hell

Holiday Hell

An effigy of you

is burning in my head


Starved of attention

and gaining momentum

There is danger ahead


Another holiday

With sharing bread


Full of apprehension

Fraught with tension

Wishing I was dead


Insanity is doing

The same thing over again


Expecting different results

After all we are adults

Yet this is somehow in vain


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


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Friday comes once more 
The end of another week
And my serenity returns
To its hiding place
All that is special
Will disappear 
When I see your face

Your return will
Take the oxygen 
From the air
And cloud my sky
You will scratch my skin
With your hands
Always rough and dry

Your words will taint
The beauty of the day
The excruciating pain
Of two people now strangers
Will take hold of the house
Dark and saddening
Avoidance the best refrain

This cycle of expectancy
And torture 
Is a sickening ride
We play it perfectly 
Like hamsters on the wheel
Constantly going nowhere
Choosing everything to hide


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Sitting on the porch
My mood is blue
Staring at the moon
wondering what to do
You took umbrage
at what was said
now I’m alone
and full of dread

Sentences interrupted
Before I am finished
As you cut me off
My worth diminished
Your dialogue of
liquid adjectives
drenching me
in endless narratives

My brightness of color
Diluted by your fury
Vivid purple now a faded blue
You are my judge and jury
Masked in black
Solemn and severe
Passing sentence
With an expression austere

Our pieces don’t seem
To fit anymore
No matter which way
they scratch and claw
Throw me a bone
is all I ask
Why must you work me
like a task

My mouth feels gagged
I fear to speak
Whatever has happened
I am now so meek
The fight has left me
I want only some peace
Make up or break up
and let this cease

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day #27 – What Color Is It

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You suck the sun
from the sky
and empty the clouds
Draining life’s energy
from the core
Shaking death
from its shrouds

As each hour and day passes
Your mood gains momentum
This has only just begun
Once you cross the Rubicon
there’s no going back
Influencing the outcome

As you set the tone for the day
Something is about to unfold
The lustre of life already dulled
Your decision is made
No opportunity to disagree
I am the deer that has to be culled

You wield your power
As only you can
Threatening and accusing
Jeopardizing my future
Throwing it in a drawer
For you, that’s amusing

Denying me what I hold dear
is a betrayal of my trust
I am exasperated by your hostility
You have become a dictator
An authoritarian, a bully
No longer seeing my fragility


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day #22 – Betrayed

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Shedding Skin

Shedding Skin

Once upon my being
I wished my life be freeing
From the ties that bind
Happiness held in escrow
Lost in someone’s shadow
Living a life so unkind

On the outside looking in
All you see is a shiny ring
Promises eventually shattered
Emotions begin ricocheting
and tempers escalating
A marriage becomes tattered

What was once excitement
Is sadly no longer vibrant
A relationship ugly and spiteful
Each partner throwing shade
Decisions need to be made
Whose testament is rightful

The battle exhausting
Divorce unrewarding
I carry myself with grace
Hope has diminished
My journey unfinished
I disappear without a trace


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day #15 – If I were me

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The barometric pressure of the day
Is wreaking havoc in my mind
Confusion a familiar companion
On my journey of unpredictability

A feeling of hopelessness
Covering me in a dark shroud
Dragging me into its damp pit
of gloom and I go with docility

Clarity nowhere to be found
As I stumble on rocks of desperation
Blindly searching for reasons why
I am living a life of vulnerability

Spiraling downward out of control
Reaching for something to break my fall
Slipping and sliding all the way
Down into the declivity

My ascent from the chasm
Hindered by despondency
Hope cruelly mocking me
Wishing to drown exquisitely

In time the greyness of the sky pacifies
Pulling me slowly from the blackness
The accompanying wind pushing me up
So that I may breathe sanguinity

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day #12 – Tortured

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Who controls the pecking order of life?
Because I’m on the outside
looking in

Nose against the window
like the proverbial stepchild
Taking it on the chin

Living on the edge of the herd
Feeling like the runt of the litter
These are the emotions I bear

Easy to slip into a depression
Dragging others down
Wishing I wasn’t there

Just feeling that life
is dealing me the cards
of endless misery

The ones you fold
so the others would win
Like some kind of trickery

the color of my life
I fall through the cracks

Constantly trying to scale
that overgrown fence
Just once wishing to relax

Feeling imperfect
But knowing I’m not
All I want is a chance

Look at me I’m here
Just like you
Give me a second glance

Determined to begin again
And experience a rebirth
My stellar light will shine

Brighter than before
You’ll concern me no longer
I’ll be stronger next time


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing©

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OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day – Oct #11 – Falling through the cracks


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Pound of Flesh

Pound of Flesh

Revenge was apparent
after she had been violated
He had taken what was hers
Her body abused and desecrated

There was an air of desperation
She wanted justice served
Eventually it came and
he got what he deserved

Finally what had been craved
Was now hers to feast
But that plump, pound of flesh
Was not as filling, not in the least

She could not fathom why
Retribution was not hers
Hibernation became routine
The outside world now a blur


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day – October #8 – Madness

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The monster reared
his head once more
His flaming mouth
scorching my words
before they became sound

I lay singed and tortured
while he continued with
his flaring assault
Blinding anger has taken
over his body
I am melting on the ground

Silenced by his cruelty
helpless and unable
to stand up to him
I save my words in my mind
they will not be forgotten
One day I will be able to expound

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge Week #49 Monster

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You are balancing
On the edge once more
Teetering on the brink
Where will it take you this time
I wonder as my heart again
Drops to the floor

On the verge of explosion
Paralyzed with fear
Will I pull you back
Or let you go
Even if to my detriment
Or do I brave a new frontier

Unpredictability is expected
There is always a blind side
Never seeing it coming
My heart gets attacked
Sometimes I wish for it
And that I would have died

Love going through a meat grinder
Pounded into shreds
What comes out is a mockery
It’s happening again
A relationship in tatters
Lives left in threads

Our nucleus unstable
The contact between us worn thin
Our love’s constellation
Imploding in space
Shattering into fragments
This life in a tailspin

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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