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Poem of the Month – August 2019 – Repair


To escape the chaos
that is you
I must find fortitude
Lashing back
is no longer an option
Needing solitude
I lose myself
in the secret garden
of my mind
Where I am calm
Healing can begin
and justice is blind
Floating on a sea
of mundane thoughts
Exorcising the discontent
Here I countdown
to the return of sanity
The storm to circumvent
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©


Linda from Charmed Chaos is hosting Open Link Night
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Photo – Autumnviolet from Pixabay

Poem of the Month – July 2019 – Small


How small and insignificant I feel
As the waves lap the shore
In my mind I escape to a place where
My thoughts have never gone before
Would this mighty sea swallow me?
In one fierce and furious gush
Or kiss my feet with a gentleness 
That I may hear the earth’s hush
Its energy coursing through my veins
Safe from harm, yet almost possessed
Losing myself in its tactual sensation
My spirit willingly repressed
Realizing I could be taken by the ocean
and become a slave to its force
I quickly return to the calmness
Lost in the tranquility of the source
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Sue Vincent's Thursday Prompt
Write/Photo - Small

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Resurrection – Poem of the Month – June 2019


As the snow melted
in early spring
I finally find a voice
with which to sing
Buried deep underground
with my crushed dreams
I suffocated there where
no one heard my screams
My instinct was to be free
Away from this wretched grave
An inhospitable prison
where I had been a slave
Pushing the earth upwards
my soul was set free
No longer indebted
and never more your devotee
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Sarah is hosting D'Verse poets and gave us some unique
photos by Mary Frances as inspiration. I love the one
I chose!


Crushed Dreams
Hospitality (Inhospitable)

Monochrome – Poem of the Month – May 2019


Light filtering through
the gauze-like sky
Silvery white
against the black of trees
The water calm
on the surface of the lake
Mist clearing too slowly
in the cool of the breeze
The drilling of an early
morning woodpecker
In the distance
was the only sound
Surroundings reflective
of what is most times bleak
A monochrome life
where happiness drowned
Living in grey tones
of black mixed with white
No clear definition
or so it seems
Waiting in shadows
where the sun never shines
No smiling faces
Or technicolor dreams
Is it safer here?
Where regret
Does not call
And one just exists
Does the barometric pressure
Suppress all hope
Suffocating wishes
In some ironic twist?
Closeted in darkness
Innocuous to influences
of disappointment
Where pain cannot reach
Will that light under a bushel
Ever burn so bright?
Lighting the way 
To an inevitable breach

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Sue Vincent's Thursday Write/Photo
Challenge - Monchrome 

Paula's Thursday Inspiration - Shadows

D’Verse Poets Open Link Night

Drowning – Poem of the Month – April 2019


Like a thief in the night
Stealing my fragility
My heart still weak
in its recovery
Destroying my stability
Empty promises
and broken dreams
Snatching my soul
Silently unravelling
my life at the seams
Kindness disguised
A wolf in sheep’s clothes 
Preying on vulnerability
Inserting yourself into my life
Collecting my woes
I have become your possession
With no voice of my own
You manipulate my actions
and my every thought 
All I want is to stand alone
Release me, I beg
From this obsessive control
Suffocating in your oppression
I can no longer breathe
Slowly drowning in this black hole

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Photo by Dmitry Schemelev on Unsplash

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Time of the Season – Poem of the Month – March 2019

Time of the Season

The scent of orange blossoms
filling the air
The trees’ bloated fruit
already dropping to the ground
The beginning meets
the end of the circle
and Nature’s beauty is crowned
The bald eagle sits high
atop the pine
Surveying the landscape
for his prey
Butterflies fluttering
Searching for the sweet nectar
Lizards scampering away
A tropical paradise
thriving on sunshine
Rain an infrequent visitor
at this time of year
Exotic birds, colorful, 
Long legged and awkward
with no apparent fear
An alligator basking
on the bank of the lake
A roseate spoonbill
at his side
Neither caring
about the other
In harmony they bide
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to DVerse Poets Open Link Night

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Haunting – Poem of the Month – February 2019


The range of emotions
Disturbing and alarming
Out of the blue
Possibly harming
Perceptions cut deep
A woeful heart bleeding
Vagrant feelings
and needing
A future in suspension
Spirit crying for healing
An empty shell
Cast aside
Forever haunting

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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D'Verse Poets - Open Link Night - Hosted by Grace

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

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End – Poem of the Month – January 2019


Evening touches the last light
Before it covers in its darkness
My heart swathed in mourning threads
and face paralyzed in hardness
In the end they say it is black
This must surely be where I am
The birds do not sing
nor do I hear the bleat of a lamb
I feel only numbness
Immobilized with no direction
Hearing your words echoing in my ears
and their cruel inflection
I am a broken woman
Laying in pieces at your feet
A heap of something that once was
Your destruction complete
Before others we plighted our troth
An oath to be faithful and true
Our love an ocean not stopping at the shore
If only we knew
Your demons buried deep inside
Were still alive and well
Once the lid was open
Only time would tell
They had festered in their morbid coffin
Poison slowly growing in wait
A corpulent beast ready to explode
Once you opened the gate
I am now frozen in time
Your love was detrimental to my being
I lay slowly dying from the toxins
Your final gift is freeing

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Photo by Pop & Zebra on Unsplash

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Virgin Snow – Poem of the Month – December 2018

Virgin Snow

It was virgin snow
almost a sin to walk there
Earth soundproofing and
protecting itself from chaos
Silent and peaceful fresh air

Most birds had flown but
a few mourning doves cooed
The sun was struggling
to make its appearance
Invisible animals searched for food

The stillness of the morning
lifted my spirits high
A feeling of serenity
and at one with nature
as I looked up to the sky

All the information I ever needed
was right in front of me here
The world was alive and beautiful
Unaware yet of my carbon footprint
Singing a hymn of seasonal cheer


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©







In response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt – Untrodden


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