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Thoughts of you are taboo
and do not belong in my head
Yet there you live
always in my mind, confusing
unsettling, disturbing
An apparition giving relief
only when vanishing
With the never-ending promise
to return and haunt once more

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Boo - Stream of Consciousness 
Apparition -  RDP



Often, she would come 
to the frozen pond
A place of solace
Finding peace, courtesy of
Nature’s magic wand
She occasionally saw the pair
on the ice arm in arm
Sometimes they would dance
Holding each other
Skating with such charm
Sitting by the frosted tree
Music filtered through the air
Where could that be coming from?
Looking closer at the couple
She studied them with a stare
Their clothes were from
a time in history
The music was a waltz
She had never noticed before
It was now a mystery
Who were these people
that appeared from time to time?
Was she the only one
who could see them?
Why were her feelings sublime?
Nothing seemed to add up
There was no trace of a car
She called to them
but they did not answer
Maybe she was too far
Realizing they were ghosts
as they faded from sight
Her mind  playing tricks again
in the chilled afternoon air
As she stared into the white

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