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Silver Lining

Silver Lining

A droplet of rain trickled
down the window pane
The sky had darkened
and the light began to wane
Thoughts of the day
relived again in her head
Shuddering she turned
back towards the bed
Sleep would remedy all
and she craved the escape
Time to heal and repair 
and her life to reshape
The room felt dark and oppressive
Trapping her somewhere in between
and just then the sun smiled 
through a crack in the silkscreen
She saw a bluebird on a bough
Calling to her sweetly in song
A white ribbon tied to it
Stretching towards her, quite long
Taking hold of its tether
They went together across the field
She and the bluebird of happiness
On the way to being healed
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Linda from Charmed Chaos is hosting at D'Verse
tonight and has prompted us with some
lovely art by Jackie Hurlbert. I hope you will check
it out too.

Droplet - RDP
Silkscreen - FOWC



The coolness of the marble
Soothed her feeling of duress
Waiting patiently for the outcome
She smoothed down her dress

Looking quickly in her compact
She checked her hair
A stray wisp had escaped
Giving her an eclectic flair

The museum was quiet
She gazed at the artwork
Standing in front of the painting
Her face creased to a smirk

She knew he was there
As his presence was felt
Turning she saw him
And her body began to melt

She had left a trail
Knowing he would follow
He had pursued willingly
Finding her at the Picasso

He said her name out loud
By the sound she was awed
He said with authority
“You are under arrest for art fraud”


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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