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Jolly Roger, Guitar, Iceberg – Three Word Challenge

It was Monday morning and Sam was so excited about his first guitar lesson. He had saved his allowance for weeks, washed cars, and mowed the grass so he could afford the six-lesson package advertised at the local music store. At 13 years old he was experiencing the full onslaught of adolescence and desperately wanted to impress the absolute love of his life, Rachel. Of course she didn’t know he even existed. She hung with the cool kids and was the most popular girl in his grade. If he could play guitar then he could be in a garage band and then she would notice him for sure. That’s how you’d score some points with someone like Rachel.

The instructor was coming over at 4 pm, at the end of the school day. He wondered whether he should just go up to Rachel and tell her he was taking guitar lessons. That might impress her. Would he have the courage to do something like that?  He’d have to think about that some more.

On the school bus he began to strategize with his best friend Roger. They colluded, made copious notes and rehearsed how this was going to go down. Sam was a little nervous as Roger could be a bit of a dope at times but he was a good friend and wanted to help. They planned to make it known sometime during the lunch break in the cafeteria. Sam and Roger would get in the lunch line right when Rachel and her besties arrived. They acted it out in the locker room during recess and were pretty sure they had it down.

They waited in the hallway until they saw Rachel approaching, and then timed their arrival in the line to coincide with hers. All was going according to plan. So there they were about to give a memorable performance and Sam would win the admiration of his special girl.

With trays in hand and helping themselves to the daily special, Roger said, “What time is your lesson today?” Sam replied, “You mean my guitar lesson?” Saying it just loudly enough that Rachel raised her head to look at him. “Oh he’ll be over around 4 pm”.

Roger, without thinking, and also not realizing that Rachel was in earshot, said, “Well that got her attention. Rachel is going to be putty in your hands once she sees you in action plucking those strings and stroking that body”.

Sam squirmed at his words, knowing which body Roger meant but it was too late. He saw Rachel’s face turn red in shock and horror. Everything went in slow motion after that and Sam could do absolutely nothing to stop it.

Rachel said in outrage, “I don’t think so Jolly Roger” as she thrust the iceberg lettuce, dripping with blue cheese dressing, right in his face.

Christine Bolton

Three Word Challenge June 15: Jolly Roger, Guitar, Iceberg

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