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Not Amused

Not Amused

Sometimes I wonder
if this is part of a
wicked plan to confuse
What was up is now down
Your language foreign
It does not amuse
What I see as black
you claim is white
This you I don’t recognize
Snipping and sniping
always unpredictable
bringing tears to my eyes
I feel a cloud of discontent
shadowing what was once
pure and honest
Is this some kind of sham?
What have you become?
It’s not what you promised
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts

Tear - WotD
Sham -RDP

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Famous or Infamous?



Famous or infamous
Which is better
Do you want to be revered
And live by the letter

Or do you want to be remembered
For some outrageous act
Shocking the world
That you want to attack

Craving attention
Loving the notoriety
If there is no goodness inside
Is this the best you have for society

Responsibility comes with
Any kind of fame
Are you up for it
Can you take the pain

Surely you must know that
Kindness always wins
Your behavior will be in the spotlight
Everyone will be looking for your sins

Be famously good
Not infamously cruel
The world needs to be inspired
Not someone changing the rules

Egregious behavior will
Never be accepted
So think carefully
Or you could be rejected

Famous is what you need my friend
If you want to be remembered
It’s the only way to be
Or else you will be censored

Christine Bolton

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