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Time To Get Up – A Quadrille

Time To Get Up

A plangent chorus
of early birds
My wake up call this day
Busy at work
singing and feeding
without hesitation or delay
Sandhill cranes
moving slowly
along the river bed
Their rattling bugle call
can be heard for miles
enough to wake the dead

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

WimsyGizmo is hosting Monday Quadrille
at D'Verse Poets tonight.  He has prompted us 
with the word "Up"

Word Prompts:



Image by skeeze from Pixabay 

Alarm Call

Alarm Call

He drills for food at break of dawn
Woodpecker’s schedule already drawn
Woken rudely from my reverie
Before I can barely release a yawn
A beautiful sight high on the oak tree
His red tuft bright and feathery
It’s a wonder his head doesn’t ache
If only he could work in a lower key
It must be a tough job for Woody
Does his beak ever get bloody?
Why doesn’t he dig for worms? 
Then perhaps I wouldn’t be so moody
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Frank is hosting at D'Verse Poets Pub and our challenge
tonight is covering the Rubaiyat.

Rhyme schemes
The original Persian rhyme schemes were AABA or AAAA.
I chose AABA for my attempt at this form.

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