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The Mockingbird – A Haibun

Birds fascinate me and I admire them for their strength and resilience. It’s amazing that something that doesn’t weigh much to begin with has the stamina to fly such long distances.  A migratory bird, for instance, can fly for miles and miles without stopping.

Macaws can live until they are 75 years old or more and an African Grey can actually have a conversation with you.

The gentle hoot of an Owl, the cooing of Mourning Doves  or the cacophony of Sandhill Cranes is like music to my ears, but when it comes to birdsong,  I love the beautiful sounds of the Mockingbird.  Each day one will perch atop my chimney and sing its heart out.  The different sounds he makes are so melodious you just have to stop and smile up at him.

Look at me up here
Singing from my little heart
Hope you can hear me

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Frank Tassone is hosting Haibun Monday at D’Verse Poets and
has prompted us with Birdsong.

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