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Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

Sentences are clipped
and displeasure apparent
Words becoming terse,
sharp and cutting 
Behavior aberrant
A blindside occurs
Sudden and intense
Innocent party
reeling from verbiage
Scrambling for defense 
A foray is unwise
with no gift of fortitude
Holding breath, closing eyes
praying for silence
until furor subdued
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Fort (itude)


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I wasn’t ready for what happened
Blindsided by your volcanic eruption
Spewing your discontent
Leaving me without an option
Again, I missed the trigger
You pulled it when I was unaware
I tried to salvage to no avail
Leaving the evening in disrepair

In a restaurant of all places
With family and friends present
Why did you come with such attitude?
Making the evening unpleasant
I should have known better
I fell into the same trap
My eyes out on the horizon
While my life turns to crap

I can only imagine
what everyone was thinking
He is such a piece of work
It’s no wonder she’s drinking
My dinner I cannot now digest
Feeling sick on the inside
This will escalate at home
and I can no longer abide

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


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Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness – Digest




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You are balancing
On the edge once more
Teetering on the brink
Where will it take you this time
I wonder as my heart again
Drops to the floor

On the verge of explosion
Paralyzed with fear
Will I pull you back
Or let you go
Even if to my detriment
Or do I brave a new frontier

Unpredictability is expected
There is always a blind side
Never seeing it coming
My heart gets attacked
Sometimes I wish for it
And that I would have died

Love going through a meat grinder
Pounded into shreds
What comes out is a mockery
It’s happening again
A relationship in tatters
Lives left in threads

Our nucleus unstable
The contact between us worn thin
Our love’s constellation
Imploding in space
Shattering into fragments
This life in a tailspin

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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Wishing to feel numb
As an object floating down a river
No thoughts in my head
Luxurious indifference
Ignoring what must be considered
Until I pull the last thread

Not wanting to feel anymore
Bone and muscle crushing pain
Body aching from the anguish
Mind full of blackness
Dark thoughts of anger
Unable to vanquish

Moving in slow motion
Ignoring the sounds in my head
Careful not to experience
More of the same debilitating madness
Avoiding the inevitable outcome
Preferring one more day of tarriance

Not being able to choose who loves us
Standing open hearted and vulnerable
Selecting those who deliver misery
How low is that bar we refuse to hold high
Inevitably making it possible
For enemies to write our history

Beauty turned to ashes
Crumbled words spoken
Hearts broken into shards of glass
Amorous touches brushed away
Love murdered with malice
Ultimately arriving at an impasse

If time is an illusion
Years together count for nothing
Then what matter is the waste
If treated with disdain
Expendable thoughts, disposable feelings
All that’s left is a bitter aftertaste

Leave me in peace
To release the past
Yearning for blissful oblivion
Memories cruelly haunting
Demands that will never be met
Unable to meet your criterion

Moving forward in silence
Embracing the blindside
Avoiding each another
Are we practicing being alone
Remembering how it was
When there was no one other

Christine Bolton

In response to The Daily Word Challenge: Amorous

Daily Word Prompt: Blindside

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