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Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

Turquoise sea and azure sky
Shades of nature's blue
Navy clouds
as the sun sinks low
and night brings its hue

Cornflowers and peacocks
Kingfishers too
Blueberries and blue corn
Hyacinth macaws
Hydrangeas kissed with dew

Blue moon in the sky
We both see the same view
Across the miles
Blue is my mood
because I cannot see you

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

OctPoWriMo - Day 6 Blue

Vision in Blue – Flash Fiction

Vision in Blue

He couldn’t believe his eyes.  It was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. He was in the middle of a forest and the floor was covered in beautiful flowers. There were deer gamboling through the trees and he could hear music.

Walking slowly towards him was a beautiful girl.  Barefoot and draped in a blue dress, a vision of loveliness. Beautiful flowers were in her hair, a stag at her side and she was playing a wooden flute or whistle. He was mesmerized by the sight and sounds. 

As she came closer he stood motionless in a stupor, hypnotized by the scene.

He said to himself in a whisper, ‘Man, these drugs are good.’

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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In response to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Photo Challenge

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Sitting on the porch
My mood is blue
Staring at the moon
wondering what to do
You took umbrage
at what was said
now I’m alone
and full of dread

Sentences interrupted
Before I am finished
As you cut me off
My worth diminished
Your dialogue of
liquid adjectives
drenching me
in endless narratives

My brightness of color
Diluted by your fury
Vivid purple now a faded blue
You are my judge and jury
Masked in black
Solemn and severe
Passing sentence
With an expression austere

Our pieces don’t seem
To fit anymore
No matter which way
they scratch and claw
Throw me a bone
is all I ask
Why must you work me
like a task

My mouth feels gagged
I fear to speak
Whatever has happened
I am now so meek
The fight has left me
I want only some peace
Make up or break up
and let this cease

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day #27 – What Color Is It

Photo by Daniel Falcão on Unsplash

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Eyes wide Open – Week Four

I was lucky with the weather this week.  It gave me some beautiful sunset photos and I found a few colorful things to share with you.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Sunset reflection captured in the performing arts hall

A lone Bird of Paradise


Some colorful fish decorating the side of someone’s house

A Yellow Crowned Night Heron not bothered with me at all


Pretty Spanish Moss on an Oak tree


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©



Longing through her tears
She sees the child with no fears
A vision in a dress of blue
A pretty ribbon in her hair
A photo taken with care
Capturing the early morning hue

Standing by her mother with pride
Family dog sitting on the other side
She looks lovingly at the image
Yearning for that period of purity
Representing her cherished security
A familiar landscape to envisage

Safe holding her mother’s hand
Happy to be in her wonderland
A place where someone hears her cry
The dog loved and never forgot
Colorful flowers in their pretty pots
A vivid recollection in her memory

The grass so green and mowed fresh
Sunlight peeking through gossamer mesh
Are these just ghosts from the past
That are summoned on command
To rejuvenate the soul and understand
Bringing her needed comfort at long last

Precious moments captured
Were too soon fractured
Locked in a paper memory
Bad experiences tend to stay
Happy memories fade away
Innocence remembered in a reverie

Dreams were forgotten
As lives turned rotten
With the passing of years
Happiness a lesson hard to revince
Lost in feelings unable to convince
Anything wished for just disappears

Christine Bolton

Fandango one word challenge: Lesson

Word of the Day Challenge: Rejuvenate

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