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Blurred View

Blurred View

Seeing the broken pieces
of what is left
of this fractured life
laying before me 
I am unable to make sense
of what is happening
Uncontrollable tears
blur my view
It matters not what
is presented to me
but how I feel
inside my heart
Did I feel it slipping
through my fingers
before it crashed to the floor?
Did I miss the warning signs?
I stare into the sky as
the last light of dusk is fading
Pink hues painted across
the evening canvas
A moment to pause and
wonder at the
beauty before me
but it means nothing
for I care no more
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

I response to Sue Vincent's weekly
write/photo challenge

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Vicious Cycle

Vicious Cycle

When one’s truth is not spoken
Lines become blurred
Wandering through a fog
Not knowing what was heard

One miscommunication can multiply
Assumptions are for the lazy
Not reading between the lines
Can make things hazy

You understand this
I understand that
Knocking heads together
Trying to avoid another spat

From the comfort of the non-committal
You let things fall where they may
When it is not what you expect
The accusations begin the fray

A tempestuous relationship
Rocking the stability of the union
Blinded by anger
Is living with delusion

A lesson to be learned
Listen to what is said
Stand up for your rights
Being careful where you tread

There is no right
There is no wrong
It is a respect for the other
A commitment to staying strong

Speaking your truth
Not playing any games
Planning accordingly
Avoiding the obvious pain

Expecting the worst
Hoping for the best
Grace under pressure
And always honesty expressed

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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