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The Library

I looked up from the book
and rubbed my eyes
Engrossed in the mystery
it had taken me far away
to a place I could visualize
I imagined a world
so different from here
Where pigs could fly
and horses could sing
and humans had no fear
The sea was pink
and the sky was green
Trees were upside down
Flowers were all blue
and there was no need to clean
People spoke in gobbledygook
and they all had wings
Flying everywhere
and nowhere, playing
instruments with strings
A loud noise made me jump
It gave me quite a scare
My book had slipped to the floor
Then I suddenly realized
I had fallen asleep in the chair
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Hélène Vaillant's What Do You See Photo Prompt Jan 8

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Sorrowful and woebegone is your life
When you take a good look
Checking in and out of relationships
Like a dog-eared library book

As a stroke on a keyboard
Searching all the profiles
Life’s offerings in a database
Bringing on the fake smiles

Following one another like lemmings
With no fear of stepping off the ledge
Not even considering the consequences
Balancing your life on the edge

A leap of faith into the unknown
Do you have the stomach for it
A resumé of lies churning out the match
Maybe today is the day when something will fit

Be another lamb on its way
Blindly to the slaughter
Maybe this time you’ll get chosen
Another chance, another day, no time to falter

Secretly scorn those successful
For they create the legend
You are destined to follow them
On your journey to transcend

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


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