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Poem of the Month – October – Jagged Pieces

Jagged Pieces

Confusion and hurt
when life and love
are fragmented images
in a broken mirror
Jagged pieces 
of partial pictures
forcing them to fit
does not make them clearer
Love seen only
in the abstract
where sometimes
it was a safe place to be
Life in reality
too arduous, difficult
a price to pay
and a yearning to be free
But a magnanimous heart
always gives benefit
to a multitude of doubts
A habit to woo the nemesis
Glueing back the pieces
of a fractured life
Compassionate and forgiving
Awaiting a new genesis
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts

Habit - WotD
Confusion - RDP
Magnanimous - FOWC

Bjorn is hosting at D'Verse Poets Pub
and has prompted us with metaphors

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