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Broken in Pieces

Broken in Pieces

When there was no hope in your world
I was there for you
When your heart ached
I soothed your pain
When you needed me the most
I let you lean on me
When you saw no future
I painted you a new one
When others hurt you
I consoled you
When you felt like there was no tomorrow
I cried with you
When you felt lost and sad
I comforted you
When you needed to remember
I made a note for you
When you were hungry
I nourished you
When lost in your own darkness
I would shine a light for you

I am your support, your crutch
Your everything
But making you whole
Has broken me in pieces

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Word Prompts

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Broken – Poem of the Month – May 2022


Broken like the wing
of an injured bird
Broken is the silence
of words never heard

Broken like branches of a tree
slowly bent and withered
Crippled by the performance
You so cruelly delivered

Feeling shattered and
broken in a thousand parts
It is the sliver of glass
that is optimism in my heart

A heart left in pieces
after you rendered your speech
You have exited my world
and you are now out of reach

I struggle to sweep away
the fragments of a dream
Scattered in explosion
A world of hope to redeem

Broken is my spirit
at the end of this line
Broken is this heart
You took what was mine

Copyright © 2022 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Sanaa is hosting Open Link Night at D'Verse Poets tonight.
I wrote this poem about four years ago. 

A Thousand Pieces

A Thousand Pieces

First a crack
then a chip
until it is shattered
My body in pieces
of broken glass
left strewn and scattered
My heart was
sliced through like
butter on a heady night
Body now
Lifeless, with no more fight
This your punishment
You have
mastered your skill
In shock I am thrown
Bewildered and stunned
Left like roadkill
Abandoned to rot,
which is your desire,
as I am of no more use
Until you realize
what you have done
and you will call for a truce
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©


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Heady - FOWC
Butter - RDP
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Broken Promises

Broken Promises

Following every word of love spoken
Savoring each syllable and sentence
Little did I know my heart would be broken
and you would show no repentance  
We lay in splendor of verdant grass
In the beauty of a pastoral idyll
My world to shatter like crystal glass
When in my head all things were bridal 
Believing all the things you said
I let you take from me what was priceless
Am I such a fool so easily led?
Yes, and I find myself voiceless 
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

84 words

In response to Sammi's Weekend Writing Prompt
Idyll - 84 Words


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End – Poem of the Month – January 2019


Evening touches the last light
Before it covers in its darkness
My heart swathed in mourning threads
and face paralyzed in hardness
In the end they say it is black
This must surely be where I am
The birds do not sing
nor do I hear the bleat of a lamb
I feel only numbness
Immobilized with no direction
Hearing your words echoing in my ears
and their cruel inflection
I am a broken woman
Laying in pieces at your feet
A heap of something that once was
Your destruction complete
Before others we plighted our troth
An oath to be faithful and true
Our love an ocean not stopping at the shore
If only we knew
Your demons buried deep inside
Were still alive and well
Once the lid was open
Only time would tell
They had festered in their morbid coffin
Poison slowly growing in wait
A corpulent beast ready to explode
Once you opened the gate
I am now frozen in time
Your love was detrimental to my being
I lay slowly dying from the toxins
Your final gift is freeing

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Unsafe Harbor – A Quadrille

Unsafe Harbor

You promised to love me

and to protect me always

Through thick and thin

for the rest of our days


However you lied to me

and my heart was broken

I harbor no ill will toward you, but

another word will never be spoken


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

In response to D’verse Poets Monday Quadrille Challenge by Lillian –  Harbor

A Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words (excluding the title)

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Like snowflakes falling
Silently in the night
I am unaware of the beauty
About to unfold in my sight

You stand in front of me
After a lifetime of years
Memories roaring back
Bringing with them tears

Separated as teenagers
Daddy with a shotgun
A baby on the way
Our parents come undone

You travel east
And I am sent west
Never meant to be
We were told it was for the best

You served our country
Our baby was adopted
Turning away from my family
It was never what I wanted

I left them all in the past
My spirit had been broken
Living a better life alone
Another word was never spoken

Here you are now
A ghost from before
A buried secret
We could never ignore

Your smile the same
It’s as if no time had passed
The lonely years forgotten
We are together at last

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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