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Wistful thoughts
Do not satisfy
The hunger inside of me
Dark, corrupt images
Feed the fire of discontent
As I battle to be free 

Breathe in, breathe out
One day at a time
Bringing clarity to help me see
A butterfly is now emerging
In a moment of beauty
Forgetting the struggle to be free

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I am submitting an old poem that I reworked a little.

Please … Just For One Day

close up photo of monarch butterfly on top of flower
Photo by Debadutta on Pexels.com

Please … Just For One Day

Butterfly fluttering
Impossible to hear
the delicate beauty
of the moment

But senses are touched
by the gentleness
of the vision

The imagination captured
and carried away
on those wings

Scattered thoughts
up in the air
bouncing from one flower
to another

Stopping but for a moment
before moving on
How freeing to not linger!

No time given to dwell
on tasks that bind us to reality
Released from duties
and obligations
weighing heavily

Oh please,
just for one day,
let me be a butterfly

Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

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Not knowing
Is akin to wandering
in the wilderness
Lost and alone
Without answers
Feasting on bitterness
How did I get here?
I am still uncertain
It was not explained
Never a factor 
It was a course to take 
As if it were ordained
I spun a cocoon 
Until it formed
a charming chrysalis
I lay dormant, thinking
For the longest time
Sure nothing was amiss
Metamorphosis complete
I am now as free
as a butterfly, rosy pink
Reborn and renewed
Internal knowledge 
was missing link
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Hélène Vaillant's What Do You See Challenge

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The Dog and the Butterfly

The Dog and the Butterfly

Oh how high he jumped
Into the sky
Excited and free
He felt like he could fly
Wherever you go
I will follow you, he said with a sigh 
She fluttered momentarily 
The dog and the butterfly
Up and over, in and out
Making him dizzy of his eyes
She teased him relentlessly
He wasn’t such a tough guy
A symbiotic relationship
He did run and was spry
She could hover out of reach
The dog and the butterfly
They would chase each other
Her love he did vie
She was lost without him
And he knew why
Happy together
They would never say goodbye
Opposites attract
The dog and the butterfly
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

d'Verse Poets Pub - Jilly's Thursday Prompt - Repetitive Forms

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Eyes Wide Open – Week 6

Here are some photos from this week to share with you.  As usual they are taken on my iPhone.

Enjoy your Saturday and keep your eyes wide open!

Butterfly on Daisy

I couldn’t believe this butterfly let me get so close to him.  I guess he was busy feeding himself!


Little Crab

This little crab ran across my path while I was walking on the nature trail


Desert Rose

A Desert Rose I am nurturing


A pretty Catamaran


Marigold and a Bee

Spot the Bee on the Marigold


Redemption – Poem of the Month – July 2018


The morning star
Still visible in the early sky
A whisper of a breeze stirs the bushes
Releasing a butterfly

Big, lazy drops of rain
Fall dampening my hair
A dog barks in the distance
Under someone’s back stair

A cardinal sits high on a branch
Capturing the essence in his morning song
Squirrels squeak their messages
As if to play along

A plethora of flowers drink the rain
Puddles waiting to evaporate
Sunshine hiding inside clouds
Ready for the drops to dissipate

Raising my arms to the sky
I unfold the origami of my limbs
Stretching, hands open to the universe
And send up my sins

Another new day is here
Another chance for redemption
My thoughts become clear
As I witness the sun’s ascension

Gratitude warms my body
I know I have been blessed
The sun reflects the raindrops
And a rainbow manifests

Christine Bolton

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