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Broken in Pieces

Broken in Pieces

When there was no hope in your world
I was there for you
When your heart ached
I soothed your pain
When you needed me the most
I let you lean on me
When you saw no future
I painted you a new one
When others hurt you
I consoled you
When you felt like there was no tomorrow
I cried with you
When you felt lost and sad
I comforted you
When you needed to remember
I made a note for you
When you were hungry
I nourished you
When lost in your own darkness
I would shine a light for you

I am your support, your crutch
Your everything
But making you whole
Has broken me in pieces

Copyright © 2022 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Word Prompts

Shine - RDP
Make a Note - Stream of Consciousness


Her perfume redolent
in the night air
as she walked
to the water
with ne’er a care

What was blue
had become black
with no warning
In a heartbeat
she had been knocked
on her back

Without substance
an accusation held
Lies spread
in wildfire
her dignity at risk
she was compelled

His rebuke cruel
and unfounded
confrontation inevitable
Waiting by the shore
calm and present
his demeanor unbounded

Confusion existed
stretching distance between
Eyes locked
apology offered from
him to her
she began to careen

Caught in his arms
was a natural state
The darkness lifted
memory vanished
in a flash
like it never existed

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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