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Who Cares?

Who Cares?

Who cares
For the caregiver? 
Pained and weary
But must deliver
Quietly absorbing
another’s pain 
Shouldering the weight
Suffering the bane
Does anyone ask
How you are feeling? 
Bring me this, don’t do that 
Can’t they see, you’re reeling? 
Tired from journeying 
Several times a day
Waiting, watching
Hurry up and stay
Observing from the perimeter
Of the hospital room
Nurses and doctors 
And aides, none of whom
Will ask how you are, or
anything they can do
Can you come again at noon?
There’s something you must do
It’s a thankless task
You do out of love
Your kindness unnoticed
misplaced like a lost glove
Excuses made 
Even when things are better
A convenient punching bag
tied down with a fetter
Paradise lost 
What was it worth?
Forgotten dreams
Fallen to earth
Feeling used and abused
but the words can never be said
You are not the one sick
But wishing you were the one dead
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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