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The Tangled Web We Weave – Flash Fiction

The Tangled Web We Weave

He never listened. Oh, he heard, but was incapable of listening to her.

In the beginning she loved his intelligence and sweetness. There was something deliciously romantic about his thoughtful gestures. He cast a spell on her, capturing her in his jeweled web. Making sure she was good and stuck in place. She could neither come nor go. The quirkiness of his personality once refreshing and keeping her always on her toes, now suffocating. Trapped by his weirdness that quickly lost its appeal. Squeezing the breath from her lungs and energy from her body.

What she mistakenly took for romance was actually a predator luring his prey. Now his web constricts and chokes her until she is no more.  To her, death is quite romantic. She speaks no more but he didn’t listen to her anyway.  If he couldn’t have her, then nobody would.

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Bjorn is hosting Prosery Monday at D’Verse. He has prompted us with a line from Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row to be included in our piece of flash fiction to be no more than 144 words.
”To her, death is quite romantic”

One Liner Wednesday – Caught in the Act

Have you ever been caught flipping someone off behind their back and they have turned around right at that moment? Yep. Me too 😦 You know they deserved it but it really is embarrassing to get caught and I was using both hands when it happened to me. I almost fainted! These days I just think it while I am looking right in their eyes.!

For Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday



Wearing rose colored glasses 
Blinded by the combination 
of fantasy and seduction
Drawn into your web of deceit
A tenacious girl interrupted
by silver tongued promises
of a charmed existence 
Allowing you to entreat
Slowly your spun gossamer
encased me in its stickiness
Gagging on my words
I took my last breath
Once the life was out of me
I was of no more use
Left hung out to dry
in what was a pitiful death

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Word Prompts

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Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay 
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