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When did this fairytale
become a nightmare?
How did the laughter
disappear into thin air
The chain of love
pulled until broken
Words of love
No longer spoken
Living in your chaos
Has taken its toll
Which end is up
as I fall into the hole
Anger the only emotion
Understanding now
Forever mislaid
The gentle heartbeat
Now a pounding in the chest
Anxiety devouring
A life much stressed
A diametric relationship 
Opposite ends of the continuum
When all said and done
Little left of the residuum
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Escape from Chaos

Desperate to escape the chaos
I reach for my formula of medicine
Journal and writing implements in hand
Slipping quietly into oblivion

My thoughts become an epiphany
Exploding in my head
Furiously I write them down
Capturing all before they are dead

The clear night
Gave forth to brilliant stars
Lighting the sky
Like a fireflies in jars

The soft breeze
Was calming my soul
Musical leaves fluttering
I will soon again be whole

My words move quickly
Across the page
Reminiscent of ballerinas
Dancing on a stage

My heart empties
Its tears of pain
Forming verse so beautiful
Reminding me I am sane

When inside my head
Becomes dark and captured
I can set the demons free
With writings enraptured

Flowing effortlessly
Like waters in a stream
Unleashed onto paper
As if in a dream

Therapy for my head
The jumbled pieces of my brain
Coming together in harmony
My heart does not beat in vain

The pen is mightier than the sword
My words are my power
Grounded by my enlightenment
While adversaries inhabit ivory towers

Christine Bolton

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