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Wrong Way

Wrong Way

The chasm between us
bridged by a path 
paved with eggshells
which I would tread gingerly
Now it is replaced
with broken glass
Each step cutting deep
slicing in ribbons
I stand there frozen in time
The way forward, bloody
Retreat, and I lick wounds
Treacherous territory
Damned if I do
Damned if I don’t
I claw my way back
from whence I came
What is one more scar
when it will be the last

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Goodbye - RDP

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The barometric pressure of the day
Is wreaking havoc in my mind
Confusion a familiar companion
On my journey of unpredictability

A feeling of hopelessness
Covering me in a dark shroud
Dragging me into its damp pit
of gloom and I go with docility

Clarity nowhere to be found
As I stumble on rocks of desperation
Blindly searching for reasons why
I am living a life of vulnerability

Spiraling downward out of control
Reaching for something to break my fall
Slipping and sliding all the way
Down into the declivity

My ascent from the chasm
Hindered by despondency
Hope cruelly mocking me
Wishing to drown exquisitely

In time the greyness of the sky pacifies
Pulling me slowly from the blackness
The accompanying wind pushing me up
So that I may breathe sanguinity

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