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Through Any Window

Through Any Window

Through a window
Raindrops fell silently
Pooling in miniature puddles
Between cobblestones
Water gently washing away
The day’s grime

Reminiscent of how, in quietness,
and behind the scenes of everyday events
The universe repairs and renews
A flower with thirst quenched
Dry, barren fields ready to receive seed
Dirt slowly becoming mud and disappearing

A metaphor for life that sometimes
Stops you in the tracks
of confusion and hesitancy
Wondering what has sullied your life
On this day, and why
Soon a cleansing rain will come

Revitalizing, restoring and reenergizing
Freshening all it touches
Life’s problems coming clean in the wash
Forgetting easily what had saddened
and temporarily paralyzed the soul
Life goes on

Copyright © 2022 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

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Water refreshing skin
washing away tears,
dirt and grime
The ocean carries me
Cleansing my soul
and erasing time

Forgetful of sorrow
Drifting away on waves
Soaking in its energy
A magical sensation
Feeling bewitched
Absorbing the synergy

Touching the horizon
Floating in rhythm
with the birds
Seeing faces in clouds
Escaping madness
No need for words

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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