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Mosaic Culture

Mosaic Culture

My perfect world
is a mosaic
Where each piece connects
the other in beauty
There are shades of earth
Deep brown and pitch black
to clay and sandy soil
Sky connecting clouds of white
crimson, rosy pink and graphite
Sometimes golden and sun-kissed
Trees with outstretched arms
In greens, reds and yellows
Oceans holding everything in place
With blue-green reflections
of its inhabitants
A rainbow of ebony, mahogany,
ginger and cinnamon
with alabaster and ivory
delightfully blended in hues
of cafe au lait and mocha 
Eyes of sapphire and cognac
pewter, graphite and terra-cotta 
Sensual colors of eyes and skin
Bleeding the same color red
and crying identical crystal tears
Wishing to live in harmony 
with each other
as it should be

Copyright © 2020 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Sarah is hosting D'Verse Poets tonight and she
has prompted us to share a poem that we have
recently read and use it to inspire us to
write one.
One of my favorite poets is Langston Hughes.
I did not grow up with his poetry but I have come to
love it.  I was inspired by his poem Harlem Sweeties
where his use of descriptive color is so beautiful and
mesmerizing to read.  It captured me immediately.

Image by Holger Schué from Pixabay


Narcissism is not a word I have had occasion to use very much until recently.  It would seem that a culture of rights without responsibilities has slowly been developing to the point where narcissism has slipped into our daily vocabulary.  Whether it is a ‘right’ to own a gun or a ‘right to speak freely, usually with no consequence, both of these ‘rights’ come with a set of responsibilities that too many people are choosing to neglect.  In a way that is a form of narcissism.  A selfishness and disregard for others.   We experience it on a daily basis with politics and even more so when traveling by air.   We have all seen the YouTube videos of fights breaking out on planes because someone is doing something objectionable in front of a fellow passenger or a young woman thinks it is OK to perform yoga in the aisle.  It is evident in our workplace and unfortunately in some instances our own home. To me it is something that is socially unacceptable, it should not be endorsed, certainly not encouraged and never tolerated.


The mirror has become
Her only friend
The only one that does not
Question her choices

She is beautiful in the eyes
Of this silent confidante
She is superior
To her contemporaries

Her love of self
Is her only love
She is incapable of caring
Enamored with her own image

But in her head
She is adored by many
She will draw you into her web
With compliments and her assured way

You are good for only one thing
To be used by her
A means to an end
She has no accountability

She is despised for her selfishness
Her obsession with herself
Is insufferable
Her arrogance unbearable

She will degrade you
And she will take no responsibility
Her actions are unconscionable
She will suck the energy from you

When things do not go her way
She will blame and cry if need be
She will never be sorry
She is addicted and narcissism is her drug

Christine Bolton

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