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Into the Night

Into the Night

Light from the dark star
flickering and fading
in the black sky
Her heart heavy from
the news of the drowned
and the saved
Pushing forward
intent on facing
her nemesis
Following the flame
into the night
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Bad Memories

Bad Memories

Light shines through cracks
Another daily torture here
Unwelcome, disturbing
Knowing I will be taken
down memory lane
Thoughts are perturbing 

Some too painful to face
Wishing I was not awake
My heart has become sore
I close my eyes to madness
praying for darkness
to consume me once more

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Black is Black

Black is Black

Awakened by thunder on a grey and dreary morning
I wished for a blackness to consume me
For today there would be no sun with the dawning
Another day questioning why this had to be
In the depths of my soul there is a bleakness
Where I can often choose to stay and hide 
The thrill of the anguish suffered in its starkness
Excites me, as would a masochist, going to the dark side
I punish myself for the blackness of my heart
For I have caused pain to those who loved me
There is no shade of grey on this color chart
In my jaded life only black, as black as black could be
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Anmol (alias HA) is hosting D'Verse Poets
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Word of the Day - Jaded

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Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets

Secrets living in dark crevices
Brooding and festering
Prisoners in body cells
Bound and restrained
Slaves to censoring

Silence starving the light
Mute and depressed
Something dying inside
Draining the life from
A voice repressed

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©


OctPoWriMo - Secrets
RDP - Light



From the mouths of children
Breathing white smoke
The chill of the day already
Covered by an invisible cloak

As if filled with tears
The gathering dark clouds
Ready to burst with rain
Over the swelling crowds

Sounds of the street
As day fills with life
Echo in the cold winds
That can slice like a knife

The sonorous voice
Of an eager hawker
Selling his wares as
Patrons offer tender

Bundled citizens hunched over
With faces as red as roses
Braving the bitter cold
With dripping noses

Hirsute dogs straying
Amongst the throng
Looking for scraps
As the day grows long

An alliance of locals
Gather at the tavern
Adopting good humor
As the moon turns silvern

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


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I choose no fight
Portraying only composure
When you are less than happy
I feel trapped in this enclosure

Nothing can lift your darkness
No matter how I endeavor
Angry at the world
Aiming at whomever

Your words delivered
With such fervor
Those that hear them
Display a shiver

Eyes blinded in rage
Not seeing where your words fall
Nothing can stop this onslaught
We are heading for a brawl

My only defense is offence
Fight is necessary to survive
You’ve put me in a corner
There is no time to contrive

I will come out swinging
It is the only way I know
Whose voice is louder
Such pain to bestow

The battle of words continues
There are no winners or losers
It continues for several days
This championship of accusers

A road to nowhere
Why do we insist on going
Taking us down the dark path
The destination unknowing

When will it end
For it most surely should
I am all cried out now
It has done neither of us any good

Christine Bolton

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