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Living In The Past

Living In The Past

She did not scout
the darkness
Allowing it to lure
her into the passage
of time 
there was no going back
Bait and switch
Trapped forever
living in the past
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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The Other Side of Darkness

The Other Side of Darkness

She walked slowly
and deliberately
crossing the path of no one
Her hair like spun sugar
Almost caramelized
In the early morning sun
The day was beginning
making its glorious entrance
bringing lightness to her day
The remains of the previous night
Little more than bad memories
slowly slipping away
Darkness had consumed her
blackening her heart
Stealing her soul
Wretched and angry
She fought hard to escape
the tenebrous hole
Kissed by the solar energy
her thoughts now clear
She shook off the shroud
releasing the negativity
that was consuming her
Letting it drift up to the clouds
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Sue Vincent's Thursday Prompt Write/Photo - Yearning

Darkness and Light

Darkness and Light

It was the destiny
of the dark souls
to be exiled
forever in
the murky
land of doom
Those blessed
with sunshine 
traveled to
the honey mine
on the other side
of the moon

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Sarah is hosting the bar at dVerse Poets Pub tonight
and has declared it Games Night.  We are to use at least
three video games to work into our poetry.

I chose four games:

Honey Mine
Dark Souls

Photo by Kym on Unsplash

Cover Of Darkness

Cover of Darkness

The sun burst forth
In its morning resplendence
Flowers opened their hearts
For the bees’ appetence

This was the day
You returned to me
All those repressed emotions
Were suddenly set free

Optimism and happiness
Took my sadness away
A bright future together
It was meant to be this way

But for sometime now
You have woven a shroud
Heavy and dark
Smothering light like a cloud

Suffocating and repressing
You navigate the darkness with ease
Familiar to you
It is your expertise

A cover of negativity
Asphyxiating and disharmonious
Fabricated of hatred and anger
Ultimately dichotomous

Exposure of pain
So unmercifully hidden
Yearns for a saving breath
Why is it forbidden

Grasping at the cloth
Searching for a hole
So I can breathe the air
And save my wounded soul

Positivity and love
Is not your blanket of comfort
Power and control
Always triumphant

Knowing I’m not the reason
For this obfuscation
Does not excuse your actions
You are rocking our foundation

Happiness is my lifeline
Without it I will suffocate
Let the sunlight through the weave
Why must you arrogate

This dark blanket of desolation
Is slowly killing me
Taking the breath from my body
Why don’t you see?

Christine Bolton

Word of the Day Challenge Exposure

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