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He welcomed her at the door
with his engaging smile
He had poured her favorite drink
Copious petals were strewn
across the floor
A carpet of red and pink
An intoxicating fragrance
and soft music playing
Was this too extreme?
The aroma of cooking
A romantic table set for two
Was doing much for her esteem
She immersed herself
into the bath he had drawn
The water was soothing
and feeling therapeutic
The candles flickered
Sensual oil calming
As she lay soaking
Pondering the events so far
She had developed a theory
Although charming he was slick
The intentions clearly devious
His actions definitely leery

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Photo by Anita Austvika on Unsplash

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Early morning light
Streaks through the curtain
Another day dawning
That’s all that is certain

Sarah lies in her bed
Remembering what occurred
The events of the previous night
Have left her somewhat disturbed

“What happened?” she thought
Everything was going so great
Andrew was delightful
Considering it was a blind date

They had gone to a restaurant
For an early dinner and talk
Then a movie to follow
And a stroll on the boardwalk

Andrew had become romantic
And leaned in to kiss
She reciprocated the action
It was a moment of bliss

It lasted just a moment
And then he doubled over in pain
What was the problem?
She could not ascertain

After some endless moments
Sarah realized what was amiss
He’d eaten the lamb curry
It wasn’t the kiss

The hospital emergency room
Was where they eventually parted
They likely wouldn’t meet again
Dating is not for the faint hearted

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Bjorn’s challenge at D’Verse Poets Writing Narrative Poetry

Photo by Nathan Walker on Unsplash

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