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The soft breeze lifted
an early morning mist
The skies cleared
as the sun appeared
and the earth was kissed
Equal parts of day
shared with the night
who darkens the sky
as we close our eyes
while they fight for the light
A circle of existence
giving life and breath
Yesterday is history 
Tomorrow is a mystery
Until we meet our death
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Day and Night

Day and Night

Beneath the dark grey clouds
The brazen sun ignited
Shining its light on the earth
A sight to be delighted
A flock of starlings scattered
Like a carpet shaken with might 
A climactic end of day 
Exhausting into the night
Colors vivid and dramatic
A wave of madness in the sky
Spiked like a fever
Only the moon knows why
Waiting in the wings
to cool things down
She lays patiently in wait
Wearing the evening gown
Of silver and sparkle
Bright as evening light
The day is over
Here comes the night
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©


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