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In Denial

In Denial

I am living in denial
An island in a sea of fear
Immune from pain
Where no one can hear
the voices always in my head
Sometimes wishing 
for a different feeling
and one not of dread
Too frightened to face
what I perceive as inevitable
What we once had
is now possibly irrevocable
How I wish to go back
to the state of happiness
When you loved me
and wrapped me in tenderness
For now I will remain
Neither here nor there
Persistent in this haven 
Out of the cruel glare
Praying for an outcome
That I can withstand
To return to you or
forever be in the hinterland
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Moon and the Sun

The moon struggled to rise
One night, as the sun
Gasped towards the sea
Leaving the day undone

The earth overheated
From disregard and denial
Left us breathless this night
Waiting for the moon’s arrival

An arrangement was needed
To placate the moon
A possibility of compromise
But communication inopportune

With neither ever meeting
At anytime in the sky
An intermediary is required
Our actions yet another black eye

We are the conduits
For continual balance of the Earth
We must care for it with love
It is suffering from a dearth

Losing precious inventory
With ignorant decisions
Responsibility disregarded
Leading to ultimate derision

Shooting ourselves in the foot
Leaving a permanent disability
With nothing for our children to inherit
Except the irreversibility

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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