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Still Talking

Still Talking

He is still talking ...
I listened intently for as long as I could
but felt my mind wandering
to a faraway place where all I could hear
was the gentle lapping of waves
against a sandy shores

A warm breeze rustled the sea grasses
as I studied my toes buried deep
in the cool soft powdered beach
I watched sandpipers toying with the water
Running out and running in, never to get wet

I picked up treasure of bleached-out shells
Waiting in their emptiness to be collected 
and transported elsewhere and stored
in a box with a lid closed tight
Never to see the sun again until needed
for a memory check of what once was

I followed footprints along the beach
Watching the tide reclaim them effortlessly
The colors began to change in the late afternoon
and there is an orange glow the color of marmalade
A seagull shrieks loudly
and I am startled from my peaceful sojourn
It is then I realize ...
He is still talking 
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Peter Frank is hosting D'Verse Poets, Meet at the Bar tonight.
He has prompted us with 'Circular poetry'.  We have the option to
write a Pantoum or Villanelle which are circular poems with
repetition, or to write a poem showing something coming
full circle

Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash



The rain pounding
on the windows
like stones
being thrown
The branches
shook hard
and the leaves
were all blown
Cold and miserable
was the common
feeling of 
every day
Longing for sunshine
beaches and
swaying palms
a beach and a bay
Gazing into wishes
Staring out the dream
Holding desires
close to the chest
A future coming
Into focus
Escaping the misery
has become the quest
A wish soon
to be realized
Just a matter of
when and where
Is a gift to self
a selfish gift?
Does it really matter
and who would care?
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©


National Poetry Writing Month
Sunday, April 7 - Day 

Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem of gifts
and joy. What would you give yourself, if you could have
anything? What would you give someone else?

Word Prompts:



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