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The low hum of the air conditioner
was the only sound to be heard
He reclined on the bed, thoughts swirling
but the lines were blurred
Life had been full of possibilities
until that fateful night
He had loved her deeply
but she had been full of spite
His history needing an overwrite
He had run to clear his head
Events had escalated quickly
He feared he had left her dead
Bringing her a gift of flowers
She had thrown them in his face
Accusing him of infidelity
Her words out of place
He would never do such a thing
She had been ill advised
She screamed and ranted
And continued to chastise
His head exploding
from her volcanic eruption
He had pushed her away
Needing an abruption
Awkwardly she fell to the floor
In his fear, he had ran from there
Now In the stillness, a voice on a megaphone
“Come out with your hands in the air”
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Photo by Albert Dera on Unsplash

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