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Taking Flight – 2

Abstract design of umbrellas flying over sea in the sky

Taking Flight – 2

Dreaming of another place 
and a different time
keeps me centered
My flights of fancy are
an escape from the humdrum
an outlet for frustration
Carrying me above life’s traffic jam
that tethers me to the mundane
The irony? - That I willingly
surrendered my freedom
and compromised my future
for a life of servitude and acquiescence

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Word Prompts
Flight - Word of the day
Traffic - RDP
Compromise - FOWC
Irony - Stream of Consciousness



I say black
You say white
You’re strange, I joke
Vehemently offended
You respond with spite

Always outraged
Forever the victim
The aggressor jumps down my throat
Robbing my mouth of words
As if his was the hand bitten

Walking in a minefield
Paralyzed in space
Not knowing where to tread
Gingerly stepping
Memories to efface

Behavior contrary
No grey area
To meet in the middle
Just you versus me
Provocative hysteria

The battle is fought
A winner has to prevail
Harmony is lost
Never in your wheelhouse
Sanity does fail

Who do you see
When you look at me
An adversary or lover
Someone to bait
Or someone who might agree

What is important to you
Is it the fight to be right
Winning the ultimate prize
Victorious in the onslaught
Risking the opponent’s flight

Christine Bolton

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