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Center of Attention

Center of Attention

The life and soul
of everyone’s space
Mr. Party Man
Center of Attention
full of swagger
You hear him
before you see him
he likes the hush
All eyes to be on him
and all ears tuned
You laugh and giggle
You are captivated
and he invites
you into his world
and you feel chosen
But you are destined
to be his straight man
and unseen
The butt of his jokes
You will be used
as his prop
and he gets the laugh
at your expense
The same stories
repeated over and over
Same you
Different audience
It will become
Because you
are no one’s fool
let alone this jester
Sucking the life from you
to fuel his ego
Show’s over
Curtain down
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Jester - Word of the Day
Contentious - FOWC

The Fool On The Hill – A Haibun

The Fool On The Hill

I’ve pranked, and have been pranked, more times than you can shake a stick!  It’s all fun and games when you are young and it can seem harmless. However, as you get older, you realize that for the elderly it can be quite scary, and in some cases, dangerous. It is also worth noting, sadly, that fear of April 1st is very real for many. I saw different phobia names for it online and some interesting and colorful history of April Fool’s day. You can check it out here and believe what you will.

Locked in by his fear
Too scared to leave his abode.
The fool on the hill

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One little lie, two little lies
Three lies, four
This is how it begins
Hard to keep track
Impossible to ignore

Choosing to go down
that slippery slope
There’s no turning back
The choice has been made
Say goodbye to all hope

Infatuation is a welcome guest
But he obscures your vision
With a diaphanous veil
Making you the fool
Of bad decisions

Improvisation attempted
But not availed
You’ve shown your true colors
A relationship is now in ruins
His love cruelly assailed

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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It was early in the day
The market street was busy
An average sized crowd had gathered
He played sitting on a high stool
Banjo boy why are you not in school

The music was amazing
His talent evident
He looked thirteen years of age
Certainly nobody’s fool
Banjo boy why are you not in school

There was cash thrown into his case
His audience was enthralled
By the artistry he displayed
Mesmerized by his stringed tool
Banjo boy why are you not in school

His jeans were raggedy
Shoes worn and soiled
Hair unwashed and straggly
But still he was pretty cool
Banjo boy why are you not in school?

On closer look
There was sadness in his eyes
He looked a little malnourished
Under that sweater of wool
Banjo boy why are you not in school

Likely homeless or a peddler
Making money with his gift
Impressing all with his music
His situation seeming cruel
Banjo boy why are you not in school

His flair for performance
Was evident in his ease
The dirty street was his oasis
Convenient and free was the rule
Banjo boy why are you not in school

I stared at him through a prism
Seeing his potential multiplied
Wishing him the success he needed
To extricate himself from this cesspool
Banjo boy why are you not in school


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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Caressing my mind
Conveying your lies
Your velvet tongue
Devouring the prize

Murmurs in silk
Smooth and sensuous
A charade acted out
The ending treacherous

Satin words
With claws of rust
Etched into my heart
It was a breach of trust

With silver charm
And a propensity for deceit
Another conquest was yours
Corpse at your feet

Overwhelmed by your audacity
Naïveté notwithstanding
Your intentions toward me
Were not a misunderstanding

Distinctly seeing
The tenacity of your intent
I am no fool of yours
And make clear my discontent

Slink off into the darkness
Trophy in hand
The ending of the story
Was just as you planned

Christine Bolton

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This is written in response to The Tales from the mind of Kristian Word Prompt: Satin



Shock and Awe
How can this be?
You have done it again
And made a fool out of me

I never see it coming
Always blind to your charms
I am jelly at the knees
And welcome you to my arms

Why do I not realize
How you can be so devious
I really am pathetic
Is it so obvious

I am an easy prey
For your wickedry
How your mind works
Will always flabbergast me

A poor excuse for a man
You are such a parasite
Feeding off others
As if it’s all right

You take what satisfies you
Shameless and selfish
My anger toward you
Bordering on hellish

Enough is enough
I can take you no more
Stay away from me
And never darken my door

Christine Bolton

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