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Would you rather be right
than happy?
What was so utterly terrible,
preferring to live in a lonely world
separated from the one
who truly loves you?
In this vast universe
you found the diamond
in the rough
That most precious treasure
to value and keep forever
Someone to rely on
To love and cherish
and now you risk it all
Stop chewing on the
bone of contention
Come down from that lonely
mountain of self-righteousness
where no one lives in harmony
Forgiveness will release you
from the chains of heartache
Be free to love and be loved
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Utterly - WotD
Vast - RDP
Rely - FOWC

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Defining Love

Defining Love

Is love complete forgiveness
Compromising one’s self esteem?
Or a two-way street where
accountability is something to redeem
A voice in need to be heard
Stubborn and so sure
Love is deeply embedded
But not in the light always so pure
Is love official as written
in documents ratified?
Surely actions are louder
than words spoken and justified
Love is not an official object
or a pawn played in a game
Love is ethereal, intangible
Like the air and there is no blame
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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When we are in the same orbit
I breathe your breath deep in my being
I am connected to your spirituality
Your heart beats inside of me
Our gravity pulls us toward the other
I am able to guide you unseeing

When your strength has become mine
It is enticing and fearless
We converge at each other’s core
My end is your beginning
We meet in the center
Where there is always forgiveness

When thoughts inside your head are mine
My words finish your extempore sentence
Coupled together a force of the mighty
Fighting battles of singularity
Combining collective strengths
Your culture and mine a divine confluence

When we are on the same wavelength
In harmony we move fluidly
Synchronicity takes form
Our unison apparent
Moving together as one
Loving the other sacredly

Christine Bolton

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