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Is Freedom Really Free?

Is Freedom Really Free?

I had longed for this day
It marked the start of freedom
My release from under your thumb
To be me and not your version of me

I struggle to remember what I was like
How I used to smile and poke fun
Bringing joy to those who valued me
I was lost in the fury of your wake 

The lead up to my release
was like crawling through molasses 
As my heart raced, your demands
tethered me in place, a domestic prisoner

Delaying the obvious pushed me in a corner
What you hoped to achieve was a lost cause
Metaphorically speaking, I came out swinging
Did this have to end so acrimoniously?

Copyright © 2023 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
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Living In Hope

One more angry word
from nowhere
is another dose of arsenic
poisoning my soul

Living in the constant chaos
Of your existence
I pray for eviction
Freedom from your madness

To write on a clean slate
With different words
Creating a new story
of hope and happiness

The answer is there
in my secret dreams
One day I will find
the courage to fly

Copyright © 2022 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved


Clean Slate - RDP
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Dance with your inner child 
Break free from the rusted chains
that have bound you and 
run like the wind of hurricanes
Bask in the golden hues of the sun
Wander the streets until you are lost
Lay on the floor of the forest
Until you feel the first frost 
Climb far reaching mountain peaks
Let a waterfall shower your skin
Swim the seven seas
Holding onto a dorsal fin
Let yourself taste freedom
And remember how it feels
Devour it and own it
As if it were your last cooked meal
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Secret Keeper's Weekly Writing Prompt
Using 5 words - Dance, Inner, Break, Hue, Lost

Word Prompt - Cook

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did not come easy
She fought hard
for what was truly hers
Stolen from her
with his lying words
feeding her ego
Promising a fantasy

She could not recall
When it happened
One day he had control
and he ruled her world
Her voice stolen
and thoughts buried deep
unable to share
This the beginning
of her downfall

Increasingly taciturn
she allowed him
to become her mouthpiece
She cooked and cleaned
and wore what he chose
Her once professional
appearance now quaint
She had become his slave
Reaching a point of no return

Inside her silent anger raged
What had she become?
A shadow of her former self
Until the day she found
her strength
and voice
Reaching out to those
Who could help
free her from the cage

Reflecting on her bondage
She pondered the cause
of her personal plight
Her heart had made the decision
Her brain, the excuses
Her head finally argued
and liberty became hers
Now she flies solo
Never again a hostage


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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The fog gave way
to the morning sun
as it struggled to shine
on the cliffs of might
The wind thrashing
the sea grasses
Blowing away remnants
of the night

Walking slowly away
from the memories of you
Inhaling deep a freshness
of purity
What’s done is done
Your voice no more living in my ears
A cleansing freedom
surpassed in its finality

Passing the chewing sheep
oblivious to their own destiny
Seeing the wild blackberries
and fuchsia along the hedgerow
growing amongst ancient stone
Defining the verdant land of centuries
I am confident on my path
More than I could ever know

Absconding with my dignity
allowing nature to touch my senses
Cleansed by the falling rain
Abstaining from thoughts you neuter
without guilt or shame
I am reborn and whole once more
Breathing in my new found liberty
as I walk towards a new future

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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This Time

This time I will not buckle
My head is held high
I don’t have to listen to
Your angry words
That cause me to cry

This time I will succeed
I will stand up to you
No more make up
This time we break up
I cannot see this through

This time I will not give you
A platform on which to strand
You play both the victim
And the dictator
Delivering a back hand

This time I will not duck
Your words disguised as knives
I deflect them fearlessly
No scars this time
This cat has many lives

This time you’re not the man I love
You are someone unrecognizable
Nasty, accusatory and untruthful
Spewing your aggression
My pain is undeniable

This time it is different
I bear no fault for your behavior
Arrogance unbecoming
I am striving for freedom
Look elsewhere for a savior

This time I look ahead
Old feelings are obsolete 
Eyes front and center
There’s no looking back
This chapter is now complete

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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