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That moment
when the smile
seems to never stop
and the heart is full
of complete joy
As you lay
and spent
It is then you know
it was worth the risk
The feelings will not last
but caution is already
thrown to the wind
You will ride
the high of euphoria
grasping at the gossamer
wings of dragonflies
Wishing that maybe
this time the ecstasy
will continue
You know the gamble
will not pay off
and you will crash
and burn
all the way
back to earth
But it will be
worth the price

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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If you have lived your life
To the ‘nth degree
There is no part of you
That is not damaged
Leaving behind some debris

Growing and learning
Through the circle of life
Banging into walls
Running into dead ends
Doing your best to avoid the strife

The happiness is in and out
Like the sunshine playing with the showers
You bask and you run for cover
Laughing and crying
Living and dying like the flowers

You flourish while you are nourished
Taking the food of the gods
Drinking the wine of life
Sometimes overindulging
So what are the odds

What goes up must come down
You take the good and the bad
For every hill you climb
There is chute going down
And sometimes a Galahad

Life is always a gamble
You play the game
You can win big and fall hard
Welsh on your debts if so inclined
But take responsibility for any blame

Never give up on your challenges
You will always see them through
Life is a race to the finish
How you get there
Is entirely up to you

Christine Bolton

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