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A special place
of calming energy
smooth to the touch
Warm and comforting
His presence felt here
More than a hundred 
times they had sat
in peaceful silence
but for the birds
and sounds of nature 
Now she sits alone
and remembers him
The tokens of love
She leaves each time
An evocation of images
and memories
A feather because
She feels caressed
by wings when lonely
The red Jasper stone
to keep her grounded
Accepting what she
cannot change
The pressed autumn leaf
that was delicately placed
between the pages
of his book
Reminding her of
those colder days
they had sat here
Then, just for fun
the red Lifesaver candies
His favorite

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing © 

written for Sue Vincent’s weekly
write/photo - Tokens

Stream of Conciousness - More than a hundred
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