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The Break of Day

The Break of Day

Caught by the morning sun
Spanish moss
Is dipped in spun gold
and hanging
from ancient oaks
The gentle flapping
of duck wings
shaking off water
Fleeting shadows
of leaves
carried by the wind
Whispering words
echoing in your mind
as the day begins
Gently and sensuously
with its sights and sounds
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Sanaa Rizvi from A Dash of Sunny is hosting
Open Link Night at D'Verse Poets tonight.

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Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold

Golden fields of wheat
blowing in summer breeze
Reminiscent of her
wayward, flaxen hair
The color of the sun
and bees’ honey
Her hands would pull
it back and tie
with a satin ribbon
Her eyes blue like the sky
and freckled sun-kissed face
The picture of summer
A time of growth
and abundance
Until the wheat harvest
and fields lay bare
Fall would come
and take her with
the warmth
Leaving an emptiness
Cold and bare
A time to mourn
her absence
but she would return
She always did
When the days
grew long again
and the 
wheat would wave
once more

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Grace at D’Verse Poets has a guest tonight,
Rosemarie Gonzales from A Reading Writer.
She shared some beautiful Pablo Neruda
poetry with us and prompted us with the
word “Wheat”

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Today I have appreciation
For this life I live
Even when at times I am melancholy
There is still is so much to give

With suffering all around
It’s easy to turn the other way
Thankful for our own good fortune
Maybe we can help another day

Let me walk in your shoes
At least for today
I want to feel your anguish
Perhaps your pain I can defray

Kindness is a currency of gold
Costing nothing to share
Reaching out to the less fortunate
Relieving them of despair

Mirth is not only for the prosperous
Those suffering also need relief
Remember somewhere in your past
You too suffered with grief

Christine Bolton

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