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Candied Peel – A Quadrille

Candied Peel

Nonchalant girl
hair twirling
around fingers
Twitching like a fly swat
A mustache held in place
Under nose
With pouted lips
She rolled hair in little buds
Tightly across her crown
Onlookers amused
Boredom leaves
and hair is now the texture
of candied peel

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Mish is hosting Monday Quadrille at D'Verse Poets.  Our prompt tonight
is 'Candy' however we would like to use it.  A quadrille is a poem 
of exactly 44 words excluding the title.



Lightly falling rain
soaking her hair
Excited she moved quickly
Feeling the chill
of the night air

Branches hanging low
snagging her dress
Oblivious to the elements
Extremities turning numb
Her zealous thoughts
she could not repress

Sheltering under the trees
he saw her running
toward him
In all her beauty
even disheveled
she was stunning

Facing each other
he was reticent to speak
Holding back his words
reining in his actions
fearing the havoc
he might wreak

Looking into his eyes
she knew it was wrong
Her head lowered
in a shameful repose
She opened her eyes
but he had already gone

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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