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Mosaic Culture

Mosaic Culture

My perfect world
is a mosaic
Where each piece connects
the other in beauty
There are shades of earth
Deep brown and pitch black
to clay and sandy soil
Sky connecting clouds of white
crimson, rosy pink and graphite
Sometimes golden and sun-kissed
Trees with outstretched arms
In greens, reds and yellows
Oceans holding everything in place
With blue-green reflections
of its inhabitants
A rainbow of ebony, mahogany,
ginger and cinnamon
with alabaster and ivory
delightfully blended in hues
of cafe au lait and mocha 
Eyes of sapphire and cognac
pewter, graphite and terra-cotta 
Sensual colors of eyes and skin
Bleeding the same color red
and crying identical crystal tears
Wishing to live in harmony 
with each other
as it should be

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Sarah is hosting D'Verse Poets tonight and she
has prompted us to share a poem that we have
recently read and use it to inspire us to
write one.
One of my favorite poets is Langston Hughes.
I did not grow up with his poetry but I have come to
love it.  I was inspired by his poem Harlem Sweeties
where his use of descriptive color is so beautiful and
mesmerizing to read.  It captured me immediately.

Image by Holger Schué from Pixabay

Say My Name

Say My Name

My name speaks for itself
It needs no explanation
Variations ranging from Christine
To Christina and Kristen
To Kirsty, Christy and Kristian

Onward Christian Soldiers
is probably our marching music
But we prefer to be low key
Choosing a more passive way
Our directions not rubric

You can guess the origin
But it’s more interesting to learn
We have dissatisfaction
For being governed by tradition
For travel and adventure we yearn

We like harmony and balance
Respond positively to beautiful things
We are muses and someone
who can change your life
With Christine you can do anything

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


In response to Amaya at dVerse Poets What’s in Name

Photo by Raj Eiamworakul on Unsplash

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Beauty surrounding me
Bringing peace and harmony
Mesmerized by the silence
I’m embraced by your charm
As if protected from harm
I float in your abeyance

Becoming your muse
Your palette of hues
Will paint my life story
With each brush stroke
Oh, the fantasies you invoke
Together we write the allegory

Our existence is enthralling
I feel my body trembling
Ignited with your desire
I can surmount the highest peak
Where the view resplendent
and live life as if on fire

The dramas of the day
Suddenly melt away
Comfort in your positive energy
Strength from your open arms
Soothing my never ending qualms
A perfect synergy

Without you I would be lost
Stay with me at all costs
We are bound together forever
Filling my soul with elation
You are my salvation
I will go with you wherever

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©






Photo by Craig Ren on Unsplash

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Our communication
is lacking, it’s almost nonexistent
Your attitude is that of
a scalded cat
When can we have a
Surely we can do better
than that?

A hot tin roof
is where you’ve been
Time to come down
and settle the score
Harmony is what we need
in our relationship
Like it was
once before

Stop moving away from me
as if I’m not here
You are acting like
a stranger
Someone I don’t know
Come on darling talk to me
We are in clear
and present danger

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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When we are in the same orbit
I breathe your breath deep in my being
I am connected to your spirituality
Your heart beats inside of me
Our gravity pulls us toward the other
I am able to guide you unseeing

When your strength has become mine
It is enticing and fearless
We converge at each other’s core
My end is your beginning
We meet in the center
Where there is always forgiveness

When thoughts inside your head are mine
My words finish your extempore sentence
Coupled together a force of the mighty
Fighting battles of singularity
Combining collective strengths
Your culture and mine a divine confluence

When we are on the same wavelength
In harmony we move fluidly
Synchronicity takes form
Our unison apparent
Moving together as one
Loving the other sacredly

Christine Bolton

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I say black
You say white
You’re strange, I joke
Vehemently offended
You respond with spite

Always outraged
Forever the victim
The aggressor jumps down my throat
Robbing my mouth of words
As if his was the hand bitten

Walking in a minefield
Paralyzed in space
Not knowing where to tread
Gingerly stepping
Memories to efface

Behavior contrary
No grey area
To meet in the middle
Just you versus me
Provocative hysteria

The battle is fought
A winner has to prevail
Harmony is lost
Never in your wheelhouse
Sanity does fail

Who do you see
When you look at me
An adversary or lover
Someone to bait
Or someone who might agree

What is important to you
Is it the fight to be right
Winning the ultimate prize
Victorious in the onslaught
Risking the opponent’s flight

Christine Bolton

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